• Yes, he's much worth more than $1 miilion

    Let's face it this way; this player announced his retirement about six months ago. And then just got another contract. In a way, I wouldn't call this retirement, and I believe he is even worth more than this.

    We are talking about a professional player that is not even up to 30 years and just few years ago, he was signing contracts in tens of millions per year!

  • Yes, he is worth his $1 million salary.

    Yes, he is worth his $1 million salary because most players make a lot more than that. He was always an excellent football player and it is good that he is given another chance to come back in the NFL. He will help the Bills throughout the season in many ways.

  • No, i don`t agree.

    Easy to see where the "Harvin's revenge" angle is coming from. He received over $19 million and a Super Bowl ring from the Seahawks for about 20 minutes of work. That would make anyone cranky.
    If there is a revenge factor at play Monday night, it's certainly not coming from the Bills sideline. Good luck with that, Percy.

  • It's too hard to come back.

    Percy Harvin was a great receiver. He connected with the ball and made an impact in his day. However, he is too far removed from the game and too far into retirement in order to make a substantial impact now. There is too much conditioning and too much hard work to be done. It's hard to do once you're in retirement.

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