• It needs to be more original.

    Percy was great, and so were the kane chronicles, but I just got plain annoyed when suddenly "Guess what? Magnus is cousins with annabeth chase and now all the different gods exist in percy jacksons world and..." I really think Magnus chase is like some disney sequels. It's just to get more money.

  • I love Percy

    Percy was a good seiris I loved evry book the first movie was great but the second sucked so I think the percy Jackson was very well riten and that is was a very neet book so just to keep it simple Iloved it it was great lots of fun.

    Posted by: MAD3
  • Who doesn't like Magnus?

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Percy Jackson! But the Norse Gods are WAY cooler! Loki is the best antagonist in any of the works of Rick Riordan. Better than Kronos, who just used Luke. Which was ok. And Magnus is funnier than Percy. And who cannot like Heath and Blitz! They are pretty funny!

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