Persistence Hunting Still Used: Is it helpful to know about our body's capabilities?

  • Yes, knowing our body's capabilities is key to Persistence Hunting

    Yes, it is helpful to know about our body's capabilities because persistence hunting is typically such a lengthy process, where a hunter could potentially be running long distances for an entire day. It's key to know your body's capabilities, and specifically how your body reacts to different stressors, in order to properly maintain our health while still engaging in activities we enjoy. It could present a dangerous situation if a hunter was deep in the woods, away from civilization, and required medical attention because they had pushed themselves past their physical capacity. If you are going to partake in something as active and physically demanding as persistence hunting, I agree that it would be key to understand the limits of your body, so you can have a safe experience.

  • Humans have been persistence hunting for all of history

    The human body is particularly well equipped for traveling long distances. In the past, this has been a huge advantage as we are able to track and stalk our prey until they get tired and stop to rest. Knowing what humans are good at and adapting to that information will help us in the future as we design things that are specifically built to take advantage of our strengths.

  • Yes, it is helpful to know about our body's capabilities.

    Yes, it is helpful to know about our body's capabilities because we should always want to push ourselves a little bit further. If we know that we are capable of running one more mile each time we go out for a jog, we will become much healthier people as we get older.

  • We should push ourselves

    It is helpful to know about our body's capabilities because it helps us survive. It helps us to know how we can dominate other species through the use of persistence hunting. This technique teaches us how to live better and live fuller lives. We are developing as a human race and it helps us apply what we've learned to other aspects of life.

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