Pervez Musharraf indictment: Should Musharraf receive the death penalty?

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  • No, Pervez Musharraf should not receive the death penalty

    No, in my opinion Pervez Musharraf should not get death penalty because he did not commit such crime. Considering the unstable and untrustworthy political climate of Pakistan, I think the current political leaders want the death penalty to rule for him which will be an injustice and such decision should not be made..

  • I believe the death penalty is unnecessary in most cases, including this one.

    If Musharraf were a threat to anyone's safety, then we may be having a completely different discussion, but as his wrongs seem to have stemmed directly from his position of power, I believe that his removal from office is sufficient. It may even do more good to give him some time in prison to think about why it is wrong to oppress his people.

    It seems that he genuinely did have good intentions for his people and his country that motivated his action, but I believe there are better ways to lead people to reject extremist ideals, such as education and diplomacy.

  • No death penalty for Musharraf

    The death penalty would be too steep a punishment for Pervez Musharraf. This retired four-star general and ex-president of Pakistan did commit crimes, but the death penalty should be reserved for the most heinous of crimes. There is no reason to murder a politician for taking control of his government in a time of strife. Exile, imprisonment, and even life imprisonment are all preferable alternatives to the death penalty.

  • No, I don't think Pervez Musharraf should receieve the death penatly.

    I believe that while he may have committed treason and betrayed the law of the Nation while in power I don't believe that we should be executing people for these reasons, I believe these are extreme measures that should be reserved only for the worst of crimes which I don't think applies here.

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