Pesticides: Are pesticides OK (yes) or should they be banned (no)?

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  • Developing Countries need Pesticides

    The US today is an incredibly modern country compared to say Africa. We have food, an elected leader, most of us have money and a place that we can call our own, but in undeveloped countries there is never enough food, enough, money, enough shelter, enough protection from what lies ahead. There are mosquitoes and poisonous lizards and Japanese beetles that carry toxic chemicals. Some people do really need things like DDT, but we do need to think about what harms and benefits we are getting out of the uses of these and strive to make them greener, more efficient for us humans, as one. And then we can use them to slave the world of the things that have poison, not to extinction, but just to control

  • More food waste

    If we ban pesticides it will result to the increase of food waste because bugs will eat the crops and farmers will have to throw away more food which will result more food waste. So in my opinion we should label products with pesticides and that is pretty much it.

  • Murdering pests is wrong

    Think about this: the owners are murdering insects, weeds, and hell knows what else, just for our crops to grow better! If you ever have read Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson, you'd know that it is bad. She calls them 'biocides,' because they murder not only the 'pests' that they are going for, but all life.
    Bees are dying because of the pesticides. I don't know any religion that allows us to murder bees for little reason. If bees went extinct, they'll pull us down, because no more bees means less pollination, and there will be fewer plants, thus fewer crops for us!
    Humans aren't in good shape either. Those biocides make our crops a little unnatural. THOSE PEOPLE ARE WATERING OUR CROPS WITH POISONS!!! For example, an apple without any biocides is healthier than an apple with biocides on it. Even if you wash the apple with soap, they're still there in small quantities.

  • They are harmful to insects

    Pesticides are very harmful to insects, and can sometimes lead to their death. Insects are important to our agriculture, and they help eat excess food we have. We should cherish these moments of crop famines caused by insects. Well, twelve more words are required, so here you you Debate. Org

  • Pesticides should be banned

    Pesticides are very hazardous to our health the can cause many different cancers, diabetes , and autism. Children are especially venerable because they are not fully developed until 12, plus they play on the grass and carpets that we spray with pesticides. Pesticides are not only bad for us but for the environment too, destroying habitats, or maybe even kill off a species.

  • Yes, pesticides should not be banned.

    Pesticides are a necessary evil to ensure that crops produce enough food to feed our large population. They also ensure that pests do not wipe out crops across the country. It would be unfair for one farmers diseased crops to ruin all of the other crops as a result. This is why pesticides are good.

  • They Should Be Banned

    While pesticides may help large scale crop operations keep the majority of their crop, they are harmful to the customer and the environment. Alternatives to pesticides, such as human intervention or monitoring, could be utilized to have the same effect. Pesticides have been shown to be dangerous to those who consume them.

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