Pet owners themselves deserve to be owned by humans.

Asked by: steffon66
  • It is unfair and cruel to lock an animal in tiny cage to spend its whole life.

    Its horrible. Animals are bought and sold as property and have to do what you want them to do instead of behaving naturally. The only way they get pleasure it by behaving naturally. And not being able to behave naturally would cause suffering itself. But they are also locked in cages and often the owner loses interest in them after a few years and they never get out of that cage and often starve to death because watching the freaking tv is higher on your priority list than the well being of the animal your responsible for. Now if god did put us here to see what we deserve from him dont you think he would treat you like you treat inferior beings? You treat inferior beings like crap and your inferior to god so him hurting us for pleasure would be the same thing as you hurting the animals for pleasure. I dont know how one can justify owning animals while they cant justify owning people. The animals are equal to us or better when it comes to what they deserve. And what you deserve is all that should be considered when someone is trying to determine which treatment to give you.

  • Yes and no

    Humans who put animals in a cage, even if they are good pet owners and dont abuse it should not be pet owners. If you cant get a dog not to chew up stuff while you are a way, you should not own a pet plain and simple. If you truly love your animal, you would put up your stuff before you leave.

  • We already do.

    If you look at human evolution it mirrors dog evolution. We have domesticated ourselves and put ourselves into cages. What is the human cage? Clothing. We must be shrouded by clothing at all times in public, and we have internalized this cage to such a degree that we don't even question it. If you don't believe that this is a cage just walk outside without any clothing on and you will soon find yourself in a different cage.

  • Few of my pets would be alive if it weren't for their owner.

    The cat I currently own was found in the woods and her flesh was rotting from an infection she got from constant fights with other stray cats. She was also very underweight from not having eaten in a long time. Since I've passed her walking home, she's loved me to pieces and she rules the roost at our house.

    The dog I had before her was also a stray who had broken ribs when he was found, and like most dogs he was happy to be with people and was dependent on us to live in any case.

    Properly caring for a domesticated animal is a win-win for both human and animal. If cats and dogs were to run wild, they'd either suffer from neglect, or they would thrive and destroy the native wild life. If they weren't owned by humans, we would have to get rid of them entirely.

  • What D f@K?

    Why would that be a thing. Did you even think about what you just said or are you trolling? If a human can properly treat an animal so that it experiences happiness and love why should he/she be punished. Animals do behave naturally when they are pets. What do you call it when I run around and play with my dog? If anything, they are better off being pets as their only activities are that of a well fed baby who no longer has to hunt or go hungry. Why would an animal want to be out in the bitter cold when they could be cuddled up in a cushy bed having its sweet spot scratched by a loving hand?

  • Um not all pet owners are bad

    I have three pets who all are happy and playful two cats and a dog my cats willingly walk up and roll over for you to pet them for any reason at any time. Also I don't put my pets in any cages ever we bought a couch to be used only for my dog (its a really comfortable couch) and my cats have there own little area too I take my dog for walks as well as letting her go outside whenever but my cats are scared of the outside. I do agree some pet owner don't care for there pets and are abusive but normal pet owners are not like crazy people who burn dogs or keep birds locked up all day. This is true for abusive owners but not nice owners like me who can pamper my pets even though I'm poor.

  • Humans are different than animals.

    An animal doesnt make that sort of distinction towards me or shows me that type of respect (this inferior/superior dynamic steffon66 mentioned). It seems like this argument over humans being treated similarly to animals calls for eye-for-an-eye type judgement. Youre not getting eye-for-an-eye here because they are different beings, punishments mean different things to them. Being owned as a slave is far worse a punishment to a human than to an animal. In support of that argument I'd reference outside pets (such as cats) who willingly return to a human home because their life is easier there and they know they will get food without having to work for it. Dogs that bond with their owners and actually work with them with pack-like mentality. Animals are perfectly content to be owned in most cases. Animals left in cages to die are a much rarer occurrence than ones that live in a good home with caring owners.

  • It is Illogical

    Dogs and animals are different, i am not a pet owner and am a firm animal activist and i think animals should have rights, and think, you are condemning billions of people to be slave because they wanted a companion. It does not make sense. I do give the fact that some animals/pets are locked up, but many enjoy a life of lazing around. Plus if we released dogs, some dogs such as miniature toy poodles would die swiftly in the wild.

  • Where on earth did this idea come from?

    I don't understand what job they would do or what meaning and feeling would be portrayed by this illogical idea. I actually don't know if this is a joke or not? What even would this human owner do. Feed me felix and stroke my tummy? Why on earth would a pet owner need or want or deserve that?!

  • It varies depending on the situation.

    Assuming that every pet owner is evil and abuses their pets is narrow minded and ignorant. Understand that canines have been domesticated over many many years and the majority cannot survive without the proper care provided from humans, therefore it's our responsibility to an extent to provide that care. As for undomesticated animals such as tigers, zebras, etc.. It's not right to keep them as pets. If they can survive on their own, they don't need humans.

  • How would you expect domesticated animals to fend for themselves in nature?

    Most pets are domesticated animal species. How would you expect, let's say, a chihuahua to fend for itself in nature? I love animals and I love my pets. And my dog is seriously more spoiled than most people's children. It might not be freedom per se, but most humans would give it up for that level of comfort and quick gratification of their needs. And I think the proof is the pudding. Have you seen pets defend their owners and the joy they feel when they come home? And who among doesn't put up with a little discomfort now and then for those we love? That being, I don't believe in keeping your pet in a cage all day either. It's really not healthy for them. It's a gross generalization to assume that's all pet owners though. My dog happily sleeps on the furniture like a couch potato when he's not outside. Now my horse would tear up the house, so that's a no can do, but I don't think the bond is that different.

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