Peter Heck, Eastern High School commencement speaker: 'We don't need women CEOs, we need invested mothers.' Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • An invested mother can still have a career

    The future of our country rests with the next generation. It is imperative that we bring them up with values and integrity. If you read or hear the rest of the speech, Mr. Heck also states that we don't need "more men as millionaire entrepreneurs". He is simply stating that as a generation we need to focus more on our families and not let our careers get in the way of what is most valuable - teaching our children and loving our families.

  • This misogyny reinforces the statement that it is a woman's duty to birth and raise children

    Why is it that women are always the ones who have to look after their children and gjve up their careers? We should be striving towards a society where women are not shamed for choosing their career over having children, and shaming males who stay home instead of women. Women should be given the same opportunities as men in the workforce, meaning they should aspire to whatever they want to be, and not be told that they have to have children.

  • Completely disagree with that statement.

    In my opinion, we certainly don't need anyone to be telling people and in particular, young women who are just about ready to start out on their own in life, who they should or shouldn't be. They needed a speaker who would tell the women and men in attendance that they should aim for whatever they believe they would do well at and what makes them happy in life.

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