Pharrell Williams joins "The Voice": Is the show as good as season 1?

  • Yes, this was just what The Voice needed.

    Cee Lo Green never came across as particularly likable to begin with, and Pharrell Williams has the credentials needed to guide the show through what are turning out to be its golden years. Although the show clearly hit its peak in season 2, The Voice has nonetheless eclipsed its #1 competitor, American Idol, as the go-to showcase for singing talent on TV. The addition of Pharrell Williams as a regular coach will only improve the show's already stellar presentation.

  • Yes, "The Voice" has actually grown and improved since season 1.

    "The Voice" has strengthened itself as a singing competition since season 1 by diversifying their celebrity cast. They've brought together acts from different genres of music to truly represent today's music scene. This eclectic cast has helped a wide variety of audience members connect with the show and truly enjoy the experience.

  • The Voice isn't as good - same old thing now.

    As with all these talents shows, I personally believe they have a short lifespan. No matter how many times the judges may change, the format is still the same, and one that has got boring over the past few years. What is there that people haven't seen before? I don't see what Pharrell can bring to the show that anyone else hasn't already tried.

  • No the show is not as good an season 1.

    Season 1 of the show was incredible, with Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Christina Aguliera. They were all very good singer/songwriters, and had an amazing chemistry that is rarely seen on television. We all understand that the same judges can not continually be on the same show with contract issues and their own careers, but sometimes they just need to kill the show instead of dragging it on while replacing more and more judges.

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