Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies: Are subsidies unfair to clean energy?

  • Fossil Fuel Subsidies Unfair to Clean Energy

    Yes, fossil fuel subsidies are unfair to clean energy as they promote the usage and development of fossil fuels while essentially punishing the development of clean energy sources. Without these subsidies, companies may feel more compelled to develop cleaner and renewable forms of energy, and we would all be better off then.

  • Our kids need options we dont have

    The world we live into is quickly fading away. We need to stop putting money into something that is ruining the environment and instead put money into something that will help ensure that our kids/grand kids will have something to work with, Fossil fuels have been used to make a lot of people rich its time that they support there bossiness while the rest of the world has the funds nesscerry to make better alternatives.

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