Philippine President Duterte faces scrutiny: Should the United States intervene in the Philippines?

  • Yes, the United States should intervene in the Philippines.

    Yes, the United States should intervene in the Philippines. While the United States has an ugly history of unnecessary and harmful interventions, including those in Chile and Iraq, they should intervene in the situation of the Philippines. Their leader is a madman who advocates solving the drug problem by putting users to death, for example.

  • Yes, the United States should intervene in the Philippines.

    The United State should consider some type of intervention in the Philippines. Traditionally, American-Philippino relations have been strong. However, the new Philippines president has taken a threatening tone to the United States. Furthermore, he may be hurting citizens of his country as well. The United States should take some type of intervention into the Philippines.

  • The United States should stay out of Philippine affaairs until a realitic threat to our national security is apparent.

    The leaders of this nation need to realize that we have no business inserting ourselves in the internal workings of other nations, unless there is a realistic and direct threat to our national interests and security ats take. It is certainly troublesome for China to expand its influence in the Pacific, but we have no business interjecting our views or participating in any turmoil in the Philippines. It will only further lead to our image as an empiracal tyrant that many nations have.

  • The U.S. can't be everywhere.

    The United States is spread very thin all over the world. The United States has more or less permanent military bases in Japan, Korea, and Germany. There is a crisis in Syria that is only getting worse. The United States just can't take on any more. Resources are already spread thin.

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