• Yes, the Philippines will collapse into civil war.

    Yes, the Philippines will collapse into civil war. This country is being led by a madman who believes that people suffering from drug abuse issues should be put to death, and that implicitly has called for the deaths of his political adversaries. The good people of the Philippines should rise up and oust him.

  • It is possible.

    President Durente's spell in power has been incredibly destructive for the people of his country. He has encouraged extra-judicial justice and even executions and has even claimed to have taken part in this kind of activity himself. Despite his presence causing a significant amount of volatility in society, he is reluctant to stand down. It is likely that many people will see removing him by force as necessary in the near future. This could easily turn into a civil war.

  • The Philippines will not end up in civil war

    There is plenty of unrest in the Philippines at present. Mr. Duerte is probably abusing his power. Nevertheless, it seems unlikely that the greater Pacific Rim will allow the Philippines to collapse into a full blown civil war. Right now the World has plenty of conflagrations. It seems more likely that the U.S. and some of the neighboring countries will step in before the country collapses into a civil war.

  • At this time it doesn't look like it will

    There has definitely been an increase in negative activity in the Philippines with horrible fighting going on. The Government has recently killed members of rebel groups who do pose a threat. There is the possibility of a civil war happening, but as things stand it doesn't appear to be imminent.

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