• The Philippines just isn't stable enough.

    When the Philippines was liberated from Spain it was a bundle of Spaniards, Natives and Hispanics. When America came into the picture, They took over the Philippines and made the bad situation worse. Then the Philippines was occupied by Japan twice, And there are Muslims trying to break from the country, Plus horrible politics and a terrible situation make it headed for war.

  • Yes. Philippines deserve this.

    Philippines was and is never a united country made up of people who loves foreigners but hates their own countrymen. Perhaps a large scale civil war equal to US Civil War, Chinese Three Kingdom War and Japanese Sengoku War is required to unite the nation and make it more progressive, Perhaps the total annihilation of a belligerent faction. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Yes it might be

    There is a good chance the Phillipines are heading for a civil war. Human-rights groups are accusing the Philippine military of harassing and killing members of indigenous farming communities, who are caught in the crossfire of a long-running communist insurgency on the archipelago’s southernmost island, Mindanao. Without reasonable reconcilliation, the people could fight back

  • It is likely.

    The government in the Philippines at the current time are behaving in an extremely autocratic and dangerous manner. Thousands of potentially innocent people have already been killed summarily by state forces in a supposed effort to crack down on crime. The current president applauds this kind of action and claims to have partaken in it themselves. It is therefore likely that people in the Philippines may see the need to fight violence with violence.

  • Yes, the Philippines is headed for civil war.

    Yes, the Philippines is headed for civil war. Their leader is a madman who believes that mass murder is the solution to the drug abuse epidemic and that it is acceptable to essentially call for the murder of his political rivals. The good people of the Philippines should rise up and oust him.

  • The government controls the people

    I think it's unlikely that the Philippines will find itself in a civil war any time soon. The government there has a strong control over it's people, even though their methods are cruel. Those who oppose are either too scared to speak up, or quickly dealt with by those in power.

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