Phillip Phillips' New Summer Album: Does Phillip Phillips have staying power, or was he a short-lived American Idol?

  • He does have staying power

    Phillip Phillip's has shown that he does have staying power. Unlike many American Idol's before him, he has had a consistently successful track record. He has shown that he has the talent and creativity to have a long-lasting career. Many American Idol's did not have the experience to make the most of the opportunity.

  • Phillip Phillips' has staying power.

    Phillip Phillips' created his newest album by utilizing his personal feelings and character. I believe that he will be a long-lived artist for showing that he is a real person with real feelings, rather than allowing everyone else to control his music. He obviously has talent because he created more than one album and people tend to follow talent when it is expressive.

  • Yes, Phillip Phillips has staying power.

    Yes, Phillip Phillips has staying power. Phillip is not a one-hit wonder, but rather possesses a great deal of talent and many fans. Phillip is very talented and will be producing albums and hits for many years to come. As long as Phillip's albums exhibit quality he will continue to have a large fan base.

  • Phillip Phillips was booted for a reason.

    Phillip Phillips was simply a one hit wonder. He had such a small range of vocal ability that it is no wonder he got kicked off of American Idol. In the future he may have a single hit or two, but he will surely fade away as the repetition of his vocals became more apparent.

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