Philosophy is better to use than science when debating the existence of a higher power, Whether it be for or against it.

Asked by: ObliviousFellow
  • Philosophy is more fit for debating the existence of a god than science.

    Science is what we know about the world and universe we live in. The science of religion is theoretical in nearly all cases (past the psychological aspects) and can therefore only be debated efficiently when using philosophy. Philosophy also gives intelligent yet uneducated debaters a chance, As they would be able to use nothing more than their own mind to debate an equally intelligent yet more educated debater.

  • I say no

    Science deals with facts and philosophy deals with big questions by just thinking. Not saying there can't be a god but he/she has to be proven to exist. Science shows that the universe most likely had the big bang. Due to philosophy not having any proof that stuff exists a god might not exist.

  • No, Only science can explain God

    Religion < Philosophy < Science

    Welcome to the 2020.

    I never believed in the bible. But Science always interests me. Philosophy is gay. But I believe in God. And I found it through science, Not some gay ass retarded book. But that's just me. If you like this dumb book, Go ahead, Read it. There are some good things in it. Mostly fairy tales from 2000 years ago. But if you find meaning in the terms, Nice for you.

  • You can't argue an idea with an idea. . .

    Using philosophy to debate the existence of God is like using ghosts to debate the existence of aliens. Philosophy allows philosophers to create non-falsifiable arguments for their arguments. "What does this all mean? " "Who am I? " "If the Unicorn was ridden by the Leprechaun, Wouldn't gold fall out of his pockets? " It is only by using the real, The natural, And the reasonable that we can debate religion, Or anything really, In order to find truth. Using my unicorn analogy: I would have to first prove that unicorns and leprechauns exist before I make an argument using them. It's hard, Or I would say non-sensible to argue philosophies. It's hard to debate something that is subjective and non-falsifiable.

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