• It expresses a lot of emotions.

    Photography is an art form, there is no question about. The camera can capture an image and preserve it forever. Images that the mind might forget the camera always remembers for you and it is preserving the natural beauty that the world has created. With that sentiment everything can be considered art but to consider photography NOT to be an art would be ludicrous.

  • Yes, photography can be art

    Yes, photography can be art. Some photographs are very artistic and should be considered to be very high class art. A photographer knows the difference between an artistic photograph and a regular photo that anyone can take. Thus, if the photographer take the time and energy to make the photo a piece of art it should qualify.

  • Yes, not everyone can do it

    Yes, I believe that the photography can be considered as art, but not every photographer is an artist. There is more to photography than just a good technique. Everyone can take a camera, point it at something and take a picture, but it takes a true artist to take the picture that can take our breath away.

  • It is tasteful.

    It takes skill to be able to frame a photo. It is hard to be able to stage a person or a scene. They need to use the right lenses and make sure that the lighting is appropriate. It takes skill in order to be able to take a good photo and understand the components of what goes into it.

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