• It would work:

    I think that photos really are an easier solution to an age old problem. The pros of the system will be relative to everyone, a child can remember a photo as can a senior without worries for capitalization errors and typos or just outright forgetting the characters, and even further his Crowther's statement about having a multitude of images makes a lot of sense; very few people would not have at least multiple images on their devices and guessing at them would take far too long meanwhile bruteforcing a password is far easier and more efficient than hunting through directories that may or may not be locked to begin with.

  • Photos are not as easy to use

    A person will have used a number and letter for a password since the first time the ever needed to use one. It is something inbuilt and natural to them. They use a password to get money out of the bank, to enter a keypad protected room and to put a parental lock on their television. Although a password is easy to forget it has been accepted by the population that it is what you do. To go to the trouble of taking a photograph and then to upload it would feel foreign to many, and more effort than to think up a new combination of letters. They will not want to move away from what is familiar to something that feels like a lot more effort.

  • No,It will not easy to catch on when we use photos as passwords.

    No,It will not easy to catch on when we use photos as passwords.A password that uses images instead of numbers could give some people access to secure information on personal electronic devices or bank devices.Since the limit of our tech,we can not recognize the images significantly easier for human beings than precise recall of passwords.So it is not fit for our today.

  • Photos will not catch on

    As of right now I do not think that photos as passwords will catch on and replace the normal use of a word or number sequence. I believe this because I can not think of a way to use a photo as a password. Numbers and words are easier to remember.

  • Pictures as Passwords?

    Pictures are so easy to get a hold of, I don't see how this is a good idea. Unless said pictures are manipulated in several ways and not on any profiles, accounts or anywhere else online, then this is a terrible idea. If they are manipulated, watermarked, locked and stored away, it could catch on as a good idea, maybe.

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