Pickens US energy plan: Is wind energy more likely to succeed than solar energy?

  • Yes it is.

    I believe that wind energy is more likely to succeed than solar energy however it truly depends on the location. Wind turbines are an obvious solution for energy and are efficent and effective and can be installed basically anywhere. A solar energy panel however can only be installed in certain places and it is not always effective.

  • Wind energy is not more likely to suceed than solar energy.

    Because of certain logistics,wind energy is not as efficient as solar energy from an economic standpoint.This is because the wind is not as widespread as the sun.Almost every business or residence has the room for some sort of solar panels whereas large turbines are needed to make windpower work efficiently.

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onemanitoban says2014-06-12T23:37:27.573
I think neither will succeed. We will find renewable energy one day, just not in solar or wind power. Both are too unreliable to be an adequate energy supply. When it's cloudy out, solar energy doesn't work. Wind is even worse. If there's not enough wind, the turbine's won't turn and it won't generate any power. And if there's too much wind, then the turbine actually has to be stopped or else the whole structure will spin itself apart. The solution to our energy needs lies in technologies that can reliably produce a constant amount of electricity. Things like geothermal, hydrogen fuel cells, nuclear power, etc.