• What kind of question is this?

    Seriously,your asking if I agree with the idea of pie?Pie?PIE?Now I don`t know what you were thinking when you asked this question,but I hope you knew that NO ONE would be on the no list. Pie may have sugar and all the whatnot,but it is still so damn DELICIOUS!SO DELICIOUS!!!

    Posted by: bvc
  • What The Heck Is This!?

    What kind of stupid question is this? Lets start the debate on whether ppl should start stupid debates that ALL ppl are going to agree to! Well guess what? I DONT agree with pie!! It causes obesity and diabetes, and if u think about it, someone is dying out there BECAUSE OF PIE.

  • Pie is luv pie is lyf

    Pie is amazingly deliciously fucking great lipsmackin shit in the fucking hood and the cities and the countries. Pie is the answer to the worlds fucking god damn problems. Pie is the bomb diggity. Pie is so damn good it makes me jizz in my pants. FUCK PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE PIE!

  • Pie?!! Ugh! Read my point

    If you talking about pie in math, then no. I absolutely dislike math/algebra, because it has so many steps and equations. I know I'm being to literal, but that's just who I am, sorry. Yes I know I'm stupid or an idiot for pointing this out, but I don't care what you say. I HATE MATH, but just in case you were wondering, I do LOVE PIE as much as I HATE MATH

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