• Justin Trudeau once said "I have pineapple, I have pizza. And I stand behind this delicious southwestern Ontario treat".

    -Pineapple is healthy for you so why not put it on pizza
    -Pineapple has a great sourced of vitamin C
    -It's good to have sweetness to cut trough the saltiness of pizza
    -And it can help with the digestive system
    -It helps with blood pressure and overall heath boom
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  • Yuck. No pineapple on mine.

    Disgusting. Just disgusting. Even vegans would be hesitant to enjoy this. . . It doesn't break friendships or anything but when you hear someone say "Oh yeah, Put pineapple on mine! " then one should not react positively. It's hard not to judge people who like the topping. . . Eat mushrooms instead if you don't eat meat, But no pineapple! No way!

  • No pineapple on. Fuking pizza

    WHY DO WE HAVE TO FILL THIS BOX WITH 50 words. I don't get why this counter on the top right is taunting me. I beleive that we should vahe the freedom to pick how amny words we want to put in this paragraph. So all i wanted to say is: CHINA

    LOL I just copy pasted the one above (sry)

  • Pineapples and pizza do not go together

    A pizza is a cheesy and delicious delicacy and DESERVES TO BE LEFT ALONE IT DOES NOT NEED A PINEAPPLE TO JUST BUTT IN AND ROIN THE CHEESINESS! A pineapple is a juicy tropical fruit that just ruins pizzas all over the world which are not supposed to be DESTROYED WITH FRUITS!

  • Pineapple does not belong on pizza!

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  • Sure, Eat less pizza with pineapples then

    Because pineapple is a great meat tenderizer, Eating too much can result in tenderness of the mouth, Including the lips, Tongue and cheeks
    If unripe pineapple was irresponsibly used it can lead to severe diarrhea and vomiting also cause fiber balls to form in the digestive tract.
    The high amount of vitamin C that pineapples contain, Consuming large quantities may induce diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain or heart burn

  • Agree i do

    Yes WHY DO WE HAVE TO FILL THIS BOX WITH 50 words. I don't get why this counter on the top right is taunting me. I beleive that we should vahe the freedom to pick how amny words we want to put in this paragraph. So all i wanted to say is: CHIN

  • Jesus christ no

    Pineapple makes pizza way too tangy and soggy. Plus, pineapples on their own are strong and suck out moisture from your mouth. I love pineapples. I love pizza. But when you put them together, they make an abomination from the depths of hell. Kind of like Jake Paul or Ricegum.

  • Chickens is pizza

    WHY DO WE HAVE TO FILL THIS BOX WITH 50 words. I don't get why this counter on the top right is taunting me. I beleive that we should vahe the freedom to pick how amny words we want to put in this paragraph. So all i wanted to say is: CHINA

  • Yes it belongs on pizza are y'all crazy

    You can't even come up with reasoning as to why it doesn't belong. It's a change from the original, But it's just as good, Even better. Lots of you have never even tried it. I know it doesn't look very nice, But really it's so good! You can say something about it once you've tried it.

  • Im mean are you okay if you like pineapple on pizza, Like seriously?

    ITS DISGUSTANG IF YOU ORDER IT TO SHARE EVERYONE WILL HATE YOU. First of all you can't just pick it off, It has to leave its sickly sweet taste behind. . . Its unnatural and in Italy if you order pineapple on pizza you will be met with disgust and confusement. Professional chef Gordon Ramsy has specifically said pineapple doesn't belong on pizza, Disagree with him and he'll slap two pieces of bread on your head and call you an idiot sandwich.

  • Pineapple Pizza is Bad

    Pineapple pizza is bad. 53% of people like pepperoni pizza and only 24% like pineapple pizza. Even Gordon Ramsay, The best chef in the world, Says that pineapple doesn’t go on a pizza. If you have a favourite savoury food, Would you want someone to ruin it by putting fruits in it? This is the same situation. Close your eyes and imagine biting into a pizza. Do you expect to bite into something sweet? I don’t think you did, And that proves how your brain expects pizza to not have pineapple on it. Pineapple pizza will ruin your life; it is a horrible experience that I think no one should go through. Although you may think that pineapple on pizza is considered “healthy”, It is actually not. There is 8. 5g (3oz) of fructose or more on every pineapple pizza. There may be vitamin C, But vitamin c is in many fruits, So you can easily get your vitamin C for the day without pineapple pizza. Also, Pineapple is highly acidic and is very sensitive to the human tongue. This can ruin the flavour and/or cause sores on your tongue. Pineapple shouldn’t have been created, And it has played a part in the destruction of humanity.

  • 10 Reasons why Pineapple does not go on pizza

    1. The Oxford English Dictionary defines pizza as: “A dish of Italian origin, Consisting of a flat round base of dough baked with a topping of tomatoes and cheese, Typically with added meat, Fish, Or vegetables. ” Pineapple is neither a meat, Fish or vegetable, And I ain’t going to argue against smart dictionary people.

    2. The point of pizza is that it is purposely designed to be shared – what’s the point in slapping such a controversial topping on it? ! Put the pineapple away and let’s all be pals.

    3. Fair enough pineapple is a pretty healthy topping, But if you are going to treat yourself and have pizza anyway, Why not be as fat as you possibly can?

    4. Normally if you’re sharing a pizza and one of you doesn’t like a specfic topping, You just take it off and eat what’s left. However, Pineapple loves to leave it sickly taste behind (because it’s evil like that) so even without a single trace of yellow left, As soon as that pizza hits your mouth, You can tell immediately that it has been poisoned by pineapple.

    5. Gordon Ramsey firmly stated once, “Pineapple does not go on top of pizza” – he’s a professional chef, He knows what he’s talking about, Dare to disagree with him and he’ll put two slices of bread on your face and he’ll call you an idiot sandwich.

    6. The ‘Hawaiian’ pizza was actually invented by a Canadian – can you really live with yourself eating a lie? (Why would you do this to us Canada? What did we ever do to you? )

    7. The President of Iceland wants to ban pineapple of pizza – is that yellow sweetness really worth being behind bars for?

    8. You can make wine out of pineapples – what are you doing putting wine on pizza? !

    9. Pineapples are technically berries – why not just chuck a few strawberries and blueberries on there as well while you’re at it?

    10. Brexit will probably end up making the spiky, Yellow fruit and the humble Hawaiian more expensive. Pineapple on a pizza? In this economy?

    Bonus. Spongebob lives in one

    I rest my case

  • It's yucky and too sweet

    It is very weird and the flavors don't mix together. The taste of the sweetness doesn't mix with the pizza. Also, It is a cooked fruit, Nobody wants to eat an overcooked fruit. Overall they don't mix and they shouldn't be together. . . . EVER! The moral of the story just don't eat it.

  • It's a forbidden combination

    You can put pineapples on cupcakes and pies but you CANNOT put it on a pizza. Pineapples are dominating the sweetness over the base flavor of the essential ingredients of pizza. If you have no other choices and you are given a Hawaiian pizza, You better eat the pineapple toppings first before enjoying the core pizza.

  • It doesn’t fit

    I love pineapple. It’s a great fruit with such a nice tangy flavor it seems odd there aren’t people who like it. But it doe not belong on pizza, Their tastes are simply too different, They don’t mesh the way I think their flavors should. In my opinion it should not be served but I’m also comparing it to other pizzas which is hard competition. If we don’t count it as pizza and just as a different food altogether it might not be that bad.

  • Pineapple does not belong on pizza

    IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT i don't get this i mean like people who put pineapple on pizza is just weird. Just the fact that pineapple belongs on pizza should be the end of the argument, And really. . . It's 63 against 38 you guys are just messed up in the head.

  • Pineapple on pizza is gay

    It is in fact true that you are 300 times more likely to become a raging homosexual if you enjoy the flavour and sensation of pineapple upon your tongue and most people who are eating pineapple in pizza are also swallowing gigantic penis all the time 24/7 which means that you are in fact a faggot

  • Even gordon ramsey despises pineapple on pizza, And i firmly believe in my pal gordon

    Gordon Ramsey firmly stated once, “Pineapple does not go on top of pizza” – he’s a professional chef, He knows what he’s talking about, Dare to disagree with him and he’ll put two slices of bread on your face and he’ll call you an idiot sandwich. So do you want to be an idiot sandwich?

  • Why the f**k would anyone like this disaster of an idea in the first place?

    Pineapple on pizza is worse than a miscarriage. Gordon Ramsay himself says that pineapple on pizza is a sin. If you like pineapple on pizza, You deserve to burn in the lowest level of Hell for your utterly despicable crimes against both the human race and pizzas everywhere on God's green earth. Pineapple on pizza is a f***ing mistake as a concept.

  • Pineapples do not belong on pizza

    Firstly, NO! NO! NO! NO! What is wrong with civilisation these days? What caused the human race to come up with such a. . . . MONSTROSITY. Pizza is perfectly fine by itself, A good balanced combination of cheese and tomato sauce. Having one fruit on pizza is enough! Plus, Pineapple isn't even a fruit! Its not an apple or a pine either! ITS A BERRY! BERRIES ON PIZZA? Hey, Can I order the strawberry pizza with extra cheese on top? Maybe the watermelon special? NO. NO. NO. BERRIES DO NOT BELONG ON PIZZA.

    Secondly, YOU ARE INSULTING THE ITALIAN CULTURE. The person who invented the horrendous Hawaiian pizza ISN'T EVEN HAWAIIAN. They aren't Italian either. THEY ARE CANADIAN. Oh, Look, Lets put pineapple on pizza! Hey, Pineapple is Hawaiian! That means this pizza is Hawaiian. What will people start doing next? Oh, Kiwifruits are from New Zealand, This is an authentic New zealand Taco! You may as well have a roasted yak for all anyone cares!

    Thirdly, DO I EVEN HAVE TO LIST ANOTHER REASON? Oh right, Consuming too much pineapple can result in diarrhoea, Nausea, And VOMITING. Too much stress on the human body.

    Hey y'all, I just wanna enjoy my pizza. I don't want no pineapple. I don't want no kiwifruit. Why can't humans be simple? What's wrong with a simple, Classic Margarita?

    This is just my opinion, If you think different, Then fine! It's not up to me to decide what you eat. But personally, I think pineapple on pizza is very, VERY wrong.

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  • Pineapple on pizza is: soggy, Gross, And absurd

    People who like pineapple on pizza just confuse me, They say they like the taste of hawaiian pizza which baffles me because if you're going to get a pizza it's most likely for the cheesy salty flavour with a flare of tomato it gives, Not a soggy sugary salty hybrid. If you want sweetness, Get a starburst or some other treat.


    You all just mad your taste buds blander than the chicken yo ma makes, Pineapple on pizza is f***ing amazing the contrast between the sweet and savoury is belisimo and who cares what Gordan Ramsay thinks. Pineapple on pizza enthusiasts are indeed superior to any other beig, , The rest of yall are ugly

  • Pineapple on pizza is a gift from god

    Pineapple on pizza is delicious and if you don't like it, then well you need to go to a doctor to fix your taste buds and/or your brain. Pineapple on pizza is perfection and it adds a beautiful taste to an amazing pizza. Without pineapple, pizza is just okay, I guess.

  • Pineapple does not belong on pizza

    When you think of pizza you think of FAT not helthy soooo pineapple dose not belong on PIZZA AND Gordon Ramsay once sayed that pineapple does not belong on pizza if you dare to dissagree with a pro cook he will take tow slices of bread and call you a idiot sandwich

  • Pineapple belongs on pizza

    It obviously does, As the sweet flavor works very well together with the rest of the pizza. There is absolutely no denying that people who think it's gross or that pineapple on pizza is disgusting, Haven't been enlightened yet or had a faulty pizza served to them. I support the Hawaiian variant!

  • Pineapple is tasty

    Can no one get along about pineapple on pizza? Pineapple is tasty when you have other things on it. Plus pineapple is sweet and everyone likes it when it's not on pizza but then everyone hates it when is on pizza. Why can't everyone get along when pineapple is on pizza.

  • It's perfectly fine.

    As a human being, I would like to declare and state that pizza does belong on pineapples. Have you ever tried it? No? Then you should. But in that case, What about banana on pizza, Would you like that instead on pineapple? Would you like living in a society where banana on pizza is glorified? Exactly no.

  • Please stop the madness

    I just want everyone to be happy. Let us eat our tangy, fruity pizza in peace. My life is hard enough, I don't need some stranger telling me about my 'incorrect pizza preferences.' I let you eat plain pizza, don't I? I leave everyone alone when they throw on some mushrooms or fish, so why in god's name am I being attacked so violently for adding a funky healthy fruit.

  • No pineapple on pizza

    No. It does not, Because it just doesn't. Prussia is awesome No. Prussia is awesomeNo. Prussia is awesome No. Prussia is awesome No. Prussia is awesome Prussia is so awesome and cute he literally always calls himself awesome and he has an awesome bird claled Gilbird and pineapple doesn't belong on pizza.

  • Cuisine evolves. GET USED TO IT!

    Tomatoes were brought over from the new world and are not fully "Italian" in some sense. Why? Because people from different cultures often borrow and use recipes and ingredients from other cultures and create something new. Why be stuck on a definition from a dictionary? If things were supposed to stay the same, We would never have to update our dictionaries. And who gives a f**k about G. Ram. He is a human being with a permanent wrinkle on his forehead and abandonment issues. He can be short-sighted and plain wrong like any other human ( or in his case, Goblin).

    Once upon a time, Women did not belong in pants. Later, Women sported boxy and nauseatingly-dull suits characteristic of 90's fashion. Once upon a time, Gay was widely used as a synonym for happy. Now, You will lose your job for using this term. Things change, Get used to it.

  • It's too good to not be on pizza

    If you don't have pineapple on pizza then what is wrong with you the point of pizza is to make a creation of your liking who cares who invented it the point is to add toppings that you like and that also other people like so next time that you need something that you like choose pizza and add the toppings that you like.

  • Pinapples belong on pizza for a balance

    First of all many arguments like it making the pizza or cheese soggy or bad are incorrect as i have eaten a hawaiian pizza and not in any way does it ruin the pizza, I removed the pineapples and saw no difference. People saying it is uncultural by now pizza is so diverse that you cannot say something has to be italian as only a Napolitanic Pizza has to be italian in any way.
    Pineapple is sweat, Bitter and sour at the same time, With the right ingridients it fits really well and even makes the pizza taste better. Geniunly it being a fruit or berry does not change the fact as pineapple is concidered to be "meaty" cancelling the debate on what it is would be bad, It is also quite healthy compared to normal pizza.

  • No for pineapple

    Pineapple is absolutely disgusting I honestly don't understand why it is on pizza. The fact that there is pieces hiding as you take a bite and ruins the whole taste of the pizza. Absolutely disgusting, . Or just maybe, You're about to call up your favorite pizza joint to order a Hawaiian pie right now.

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