• Pink shows her true colors - and they're awesome.

    Pink's response to criticism of her size, which is in any case by no means excessive, was masterful. She acknowledged concern in case any of it was genuine, however unlikely; stated her case; and affirmed her own contentment with her body. She also noted her family's happiness and the positive things she is teaching her daughter. I'm glad she "feels beautiful" - she looked it, too.

  • Yes, she handled it very well.

    Pink shut down the critics with class and style. The fact that a normal sized woman is being criticized for weight gain is crazy. There is something seriously wrong with people who slam women with body types that aren't bony skinny. It's just another symptom of our sick society's tendency to objectify and belittle women. Those critics need to go away.

  • Pink Acts With Class

    Pink's classy behavior in the aftermath of a cyber attack by misogynous fools made ponts for normal-sized people of both genders. Instead of screaming and throwing an Internet tantrum, the pop star embraced her physical beauty and made those who launched the attack look like the sad creatures that they are.

  • Very well indeed!

    Pink was strong and stood right up to people who had negative things to say about her body. Clearly she is proud of her body and used words like strong and powerful and beautiful. She undoubtedly believes this to be true and is a good spokesperson for advocating for loving your own body no matter its size

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