• Yes, the police are crossing the line.

    Yes the pipeline protests are an example of police brutality. They are unjustly pepper spraying people for peacefully protesting. The way they are treating these people for caring about their land, is absurd. Unless someone is doing something wrong, you should not use your weapons against them. These people have done nothing to the police officers except sit, peacefully protesting the pipeline through their land! We should have more respect for the planet, and more respect for each OTHER!

  • Sometimes yes it is

    Standing Rock seems to be generating more violence with less violent protesters than what happened with Cliven Bundy and his compatriots. So I'm not sure how to account for the different in treatment of the protesters without considering that some of it is police driven. I don't know enough to say that it's police brutality, but that's what it sounds like.

  • The events of the Pipeline situation are brutal.

    While protesters can certainly provoke police officers into violence, or cannot be subdued through peaceful means, the events of the Dakota Access Pipeline are getting out of control. Police are using unnecessary force, as they have done numerous times in the past, and it should not be allowed to continue. Something needs to be done about the situation in general.

  • There were unnecessary attacks.

    There were attacks from dogs, and there were rubber bullets being shot. Recently, there was extremely cold water being shot at protesters, which could lead to some of the protestors getting frostbite. I would be willing to bet oil companies are paying the government to allow this. It needs to be stopped, this is extreme police brutality.

  • Yes, I think so.

    it is obviously. Police have beaten, harassed, and strip-searched activists and even confiscated sacred Native American drums, a civil liberties group reports. These so called police are in fact criminals hiding behind uniforms. One wonders just how much the North Dakota government and police are being paid by the oil companies?

  • How one sided this is...

    This is only a pinch compared to the acts of the protesters towards police. For one, I would like to say that these protests are ridiculous since this pipeline would in no way harm the tribal land and would ultimately be beneficial. Back to the point, the protesters were previously seen throwing rocks and molotovs at the police officers, some even fired guns at the police officer, 2 million USD in damage to the city, and have disrupted the peace by blocking bridges and roads.

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