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Pistorius vomiting during trial: Do you think he is just feeling guilty about murdering his girlfriend and faking it for the courts?

  • He was faking it

    He vomited if not by guilt or fear then by something else. That shouldn't change the fact that he needs to be burned. That guy is sick. Mentally, not physically. For the name of God the girl was in the toilet, locked in there. She clearly wasn't in bed -as Pistorius claimed he thought- and she was with her casual clothes and not clothes that somebody would wear on bed. Almost everybody -neighbors,family,friends- backed up the story that he did it on purpose yet he only got 5 years.

  • Its a facade

    He is crying only for himself. Not Reeva. He wants sympathy
    a) he doesnt call out for reeva
    b) his story doesnt make sense so he thinks crying will somehow make it better and lessen the damage he has done
    c) wants to avoid responsibility of owning up to murder and wants peoples sympathy in the thinking that he truly is remorseful of his actions

  • Pistorius is Guilty

    It does look convincing that Pistorius is showing seemingly real emotions during the trial. However, I completely find him to be guilty. No single person should shoot through a door without knowing who is on the other side of it. Although he claims he was trying to protect his girlfriend, he didn't once call out for her to see if she was behind the door.

  • He wants sympathy.

    Yes, I think that Pistorious is just feeling guilty about murdering his girlfriend and he is faking it for the courts, because people who are guilty will do anything to avoid being held responsible for what they have done. Most criminals are only sorry that they got caught. He is no exception.

  • I believe him

    His testimony may be inconsistent at times, but that's no surprise, given the extreme stress he is under, with this bulldog prosecutor harrassing him in a way we would never allow here. Sure, he did it, he says so , but that doesn't make him responsible for the act and the evidence for that is as thin as a thread. There is no plausible motive in the case of the State. How he has been bullied the past week borders to mental torture; whatever he may have said to his detriment: it's not worth a penny. He was hardly capable of uttering anything consistent.
    It is a harsh world we live in, people seem to have forgotten how much they adored him; they put him on a pedestal, not he himself, and now he committed this dreadful act, they forget the kindhearted character he often showed. Sure, he can be bad tempered, sure, he drinks too much; my friends do too, it doesn't make them evil.
    It seems he has been hanged before even found guilty, nobody wants to know just what brought him to this, no, lets cut his balls and tie him up. SA is an extremly violent society, people live under constant duress; fear of theft, burglary, murder in the most horrendous ways. I have known lots of guys from SA, and you know what they say?: we are afraid, we arm ourselves to the teeth, and why we do that?Because we are in constant danger, because blacks hate us, they hate our blood and if they get the chance, they kill us; that's why.
    True or not, it's what they feel and that's what went on in Oscar's mind and it blinded him and he didn't know what he was doing. All I see here is a poor guy on the verge of mental breakdown, hunted down like an animal and I feel sorry for him. In spite of what he did, they want to carry him like a beast to the slaughter. Let me say this: we in Europe are flooded by agressive Arabs and we dare not even say what we think of it, while they have the highest rates of crime; it's no surprise that people at times shoot first and talk later.
    As sad as it is that Reeva lost her life, it is by all means an accident and he must live with the blame for the rest of his days. The life he had is gone. For the love of God, one thing I know: if he were my kid brother or my friend, I'd fight for him like a lion. This trial is a shambles, it's worthless, it's politics; if they put him in that appalling prison of Pretoria -which is a disgrace - to be beaten up and raped just because he is a wealthy, handsome, and white , I'll be there to write him letters, I won't leave him now.......If he doesn't take his own life first.

  • He is not just feeling guilty about murdering his girlfriend and faking it for the courts.

    He is not just feeling guilty about murdering his girlfriend and faking it for the courts. I think that he really accidentally shot his girlfriend and feels terribly remorseful for that. He seemed to live in a state of fear due to the violence where he lived. He is feeling sick because he loved his girlfriend and did not want to kill her. The trial jury will decide based on all the evidence.

  • It's Hard To Say

    I heard about Pistorius vomiting yesterday and it does make you wonder what is really going on. I heard one source state that there were screams heard and they thought they were from here, but given the sounds he is making in court, who is to say it wasn't him. Even if he did do it, that doesn't mean he didn't regret it. I'm thinking he probably didn't intend to kill here and he was throwing up because they were describing her death so vividly. He's to blame rather he meant to do it or not, of course he's going to feel guilty.

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