Pitbull in the news: Would you rather have Pitbull, the musician, or a pitbull, the animal, living in your house?

  • Pitbull the Musician

    Pitbull or Armando Christian Pérez is a strong willed and talented artist that motivates and encourages the next generations to strive for success. Having a role model in your house such as him would definitely bring into your life more adventure and style. Plus it would benefit you to have Pitbull around when you want to throw a party.

  • Pitbull Dogs Are Less Annoying.

    Pittbull dogs take a lot of caring and experienced handling, but I'd feel much happier with one of those in my house than the rapper. While I'm sure he's actually quite a nice fellow, I find his music and voice really annoying, and having to persevere through a two minute track on the radio is nearly more than I can stomach of him.

  • Pitbull the musician would be easier to control.

    I would rather have Pitbull, the musician, living in my house, because he would at least be easier to control. Pitbulls, the dogs, aren't really that much fun. They aren't cute, and sometimes they can be vicious. It would be better to have a musician because they could at least play music for you.

  • I have not read any other answers but...

    No, I wouldn't. Pitbull is an egocentric rapper, and I would not invite him to my house if I had the choice. The pitbull dogs are a bit aggressive for me. I'm a terrier person. Without any doubt, my answer to this is no. I would not like Pitbull or a pitbull in my house.

  • Always choose the dog!

    I had never heard of Pitbull (the musician) before this poll, but I am sure there is nothing about any human that could make one of us superior to the average dog.

    Near as I can tell, dogs are naturally our moral superiors. They love unreservedly, communicate honestly, and forgive completely. A dog wants simple things: affection, food, playtime, and to be allowed on the bed and the couch. Moreover, a dog does not pretend to want anything more or different than these things. Dogs have no hidden agendas, engage in no mendacity nor sarcasm, and have no ambition beyond getting a bite of whatever you are eating, being stroked afterward, and sitting in the car while you drive to the store. Moreover, a dog is truly grateful for anything it receives.

    My dogs meet me at the door every day, tails wagging, jostling each other for a scratch behind the ears. They are never too busy or too comfortable to come greet me. There is no room in the human heart for love such as this.

  • A dog would be a good addition.

    A pit bull is a good breed. People often categorize them as dangerous and aggressive. The only reason they are like that is because people don't know how to train them properly. Cesar Millian is a good example of a responsible pit bull owner. His dog acts/behaves accordingly. Also, a dog can thwart a house robbery, potentially saving you and your possessions.

  • Owners Create bad Dogs

    Not that I would judge the musician Pitbull without actually knowing him, but I would much rather have a Pitbull dog than any stranger in my home. The dogs are a loving breed who are sometimes trained by humans to behave in am aggressive way. They are also trained by many humans to be great, sociable family pets. Because they have the potential to cause harm, humans have exploited it. The owners should be getting the bad press, not the breed.

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