Pittsburgh Penguins (yes) vs. Boston Bruins (no): Who's better?

  • I love the pittsburgh penguins

    I love the Pittsburgh penguins, I have never missed a game. Our players are good hearted and strong. Even though we are missing some of our top players we continue to play strong. Our team knows how to play the game with out purposely trying to hurt someone. One of my favorite things about them is that when there not playing they help out people who need help or a smile, like visiting kids in the hospital our taking kids who can't afford winter cloths to get some nice close. I also love there free fun spirit ( especially Genos sense of humor). They also form a family with everyone on there team. LETS GO PENS!

  • Yes, Pittsburgh Penguins are the best.

    The Pittsburgh Penguins have some of the youngest and best talent in hockey. They are going to be better than the Bruins for years to come. One of the main reasons for that is Sidney Crosby. He is an absolute scoring machine. He is virtually unstoppable. He makes the Penguins better.

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins are better than the Boston Bruins

    The Pittsburgh Penguins are better than the Boston Bruins. Even if they haven't won every game, they are still superior due to the way that they play in the game of hockey. The showmanship and skill involved in their playing clearly shows that they are the superior hockey team of the two.

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