Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati (Yes for Pittsburgh, No for Cincinnati)

Asked by: abcdefghi76543
  • Cincinnati is Boring and Conservative

    Cincinnati is really boring. There is nothing to do there besides the one art museum and ten or twelve restaurants. It is dead at night and it is too close to Indiana. Cincinnati is also in the middle of nowhere. It is near Louisville, which is even more boring than Cincinnati. It is also near Columbus, which is even worse than Louisville. The only good place it is somewhat close to is Pittsburgh, so you might as well live in Pittsburgh. Cincinnati is also racist and conservative. It is one of the few cities its size that has a conservative majority. The police get payed extra to protect the KKK's cross. There are riots because of the racist police. Go to Pittsburgh. There is much more to do, it is lively, and it is liberal.

  • Cincinnati is close to a lot if you are willing to look for it.

    The New Port aquarium and the restaurant where Ray Man did the toothpick thing are right on the other side of the bridge, and Kentucky has wonderful camping up in the hills. If you are into the paranormal and urban legends then Cincy is a dream come true. You can find anything form stories about women in white to the origins of the MothMan tales.

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