• No pizza is better

    I can’t understand you idiots! Soda can only and I mean ONLY quench your thirst. Pizza can feed you and yeah it can be dry or greasy. So what? That’s how it’s good you guys are just too sensitive with either greasy food or dry food. What else can I say?

  • Pizza for the win scientifically

    Soda hardly passes as a drink, It does not hydrate you that well at all and is in fact designed to make you drink more and more of it to get the same hydration as juice or water. Pizza does not compensate here and you can eat just half of a large pizza and be full usually. Its no contest. Also why would you want to down that vile sugar excrement and ruin your teeth instead of eating a great meal?

  • Pizza is better for you overall

    Pizza fills your stomach and even if its a type of "junk food" its better for you than soda. With soda you can easily just replace that with water and a lot of issues would be gone if you drank soda everyday. Eating pizza everyday? Ok kinda weird but you will not have terrible health just from that. I also just despise soda so im a little biased here I will admit, Just go drink water dudes.

  • Pizza is awesome

    I like pizza because it is tasty and you can get all kinds of pizza. It fills you up and you can save pieces for whenever you get hungry. Pizza also is much easier to clean up when you drop it. Pizza can be made at home too. There are also different types on pizza like calzones, Hot pockets and pizza rolls!

  • Pizza is superior

    If you acctualy think that soda is superior to soda you propably support some bullshits for example we wuz king and shiiit! What the hell man? Do you even have freaking brain you retard. Eat some rice nigga if you doubt that pizza is superior even to your meaningless goy live

  • Yeah soda is awesome

    Pizza is too stinky and it’s too greasy and the dry pizza makes your mouth feel like sand no thanks. There’s no good meat in it except for pepperoni. Other than that it’s just tomato sauce and cheese on a circle bread that has thick crust on the outside. Soda is way better

  • Soda is better

    Soda is good for you because it’s a liquid drink that can quench your thirst and it can cure your dry mouth and it gives you awesome burps to impress your friends. Pizza is just cheese on a circle bread with some toppings and it’s too dry to eat. Unless it’s greasy but no thanks

  • Pizza no match for soda

    The carbonated soda is much tastier and can quench your thirst and it can fill you up. Maybe not as much as a bunch of bread and cheese but it can and again it’s much tastier. It’s so obvious that you have to pick soda over pizza easily it’s so easy!

  • Yes soda wins!

    Soda is so much better it can unclog your throat and it just has way too many benefits while pizza has too many negative benefits. . . Come on this isn’t even a contest not to mention soda can spill all over pizza and ruin it easily so uhh yeah. I mean do you guys really think pizza is better than soda?

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MrFarRight says2021-03-27T07:51:07.890
Not a debate pizza and soda are two sides of the same coin like man and woman or left and right sure they are find on there own but one is not compete without the other

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