Planet Earth II called a disaster for wildlife: Is this show harmful to the environment?

  • Yes, the Planet Earth II show is harmful for the environment.

    Yes, the Planet Earth II show is harmful for the environment. These shows depict the beauty of nature without approaching the subjects of climate change or mass extinction. While this may make viewers feel better, it paints a deceptively bright picture of what we are facing as a planet. This show should be more realistic.

  • Planet Earth II makes case to protect nature

    Some people do not like the uplifting focus and theme of Planet Earth II, but the documentary does make a strong case for why we all should make an effort to protect wildlife and the areas these wild creatures live. Planet Earth II is made by people who also appreciate the environment.

  • No, Planet Earth II is not a disaster for wildlife

    No, I do not believe that Planet Earth II can be called a disaster for wildlife. This production is important for people to see the true value of nature and the world in which we live in. I think that it can only benefit wildlife from people seeing this show.

  • It is a documentary.

    The world is big. There is not anything that humans can do to ultimately destroy the world. Planet Earth II might intrude a little bit, but there is nothing that the show does that is lasting. To the contrary, the show raises public awareness about important issues in science and nature.

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