Planetary Nebula: Should tax dollars fund the improvement of large research telescopes?

  • We should fund the sciences generously

    I think tax dollars should fund large research telescopes. First of all there are practical benefits to funding these telescopes. It wasn't long ago when a giant rock fell from the sky in Chelyabinsk Russia. That rock did a lot of damage, and it wasn't the biggest there is. A bigger rock could do a lot more damage. Telescopes could help us identify the destructive meteors.

  • It is a good government function.

    Yes, tax dollars should fund the improvement of large research telescopes, because that is a legitimate and important government function. Tax dollars are important for this purpose because the things that we learn about space can help us learn about how to defend ourselves against other countries that want to harm us. It is self-defense.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe tax dollars should fund the improvement of large research telescopes. Tools like this are expensive and difficult to come by without the proper funding. Projects like this, is what tax dollars should go towards. When we can explore space more thoroughly, we may be able to inhabit other planets, which will eventually ensure our continued presence in this universe.

  • Not now. the Uinted States can not afford it

    Though it would be great to be able to see more of the galaxy through better telescopes, especially given everything there is to see and all the advancements made to technology in the past 5 years alone. But the united states is in a terrible recession and the people can not afford an extra tax to improve the telescopes. Maybe in another 5 years it will be possible, but not now.

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