Planned Parenthood files lawsuits to protect abortion rights: Will legal abortion survive a Trump presidency?

  • Yes, legal abortion will survive a Trump presidency.

    Yes, legal abortion will exist during Trump's presidency and long after he leaves office. The abortion issue is used as a way to get religious voters to the polls to vote for Republicans who do not have their best interests in mind. However most politicians who use this as a strategy to gain votes could not care less about abortion.

  • Yes, in some states.

    Yes, some states will stand strong and not allow a Trump presidency to erode a woman's right to have an abortion. These states will not imperil women's lives by playing political games. Other states, however, will likely erode these laws. But in some states, they will survive. For those who think abortion is sad, yes it is. But so is miscarriage. It's biology. Sometimes things go wrong and the pregnancy is not viable. Abortion more often than not saves the mother's life.

  • Yes, legal abortion will survive a Trump presidency

    Yes, legal abortion will survive a Trump presidency. Trump has campaigned on the promise that he will do away with legal abortion, but it is not likely to happen. Setting aside the fact that Trump has begun to fluctuate on every one of his campaign promises, the path to repealing Roe. v. Wade is a long one. The current Supreme Court will not overturn it. Trump would have to first get into office. Then appoint a justice, get them approved by Congress and then have the Court agree to hear an abortion case, and have the justices vote against the case. It's a long process with many opportunities for legal abortion to be upheld along the way.

  • No, and it should not.

    Donald Trump spoke against it. He said it should be banned except in the cases of rape, incest and a matter of life or death. His Vice President elect, Mike Pence, said it should be banned in all cases, including rape, incest and a matter of life or death. Personally, I agree with Trump a little more.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Congressional Republicans are planning to cut off the $550 million funding for Planned Parenthood as early as 2017, as part of a fast-tracked budget procedure wrapped up in the repealing of Obamacare. The president-elect said he would prefer abortion laws to be determined at a state level, and said if abortion was banned in a state where a woman needed the procedure, she would have to travel to another state.

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