Planned Parenthood wins its suit to block a Mississippi law. Is the pro choice movement gaining momentum?

  • The pro-choice movement is making strides.

    Planned Parenthood has been under continual intense attack by pro-life activists and politicians for the past year. Now we are beginning to see that the courts and the silent majority are ebbing towards the pro-choice camp who are sure to gain another boost in their morale if Hillary Clinton is elected as president next month.

  • Women's rights are been taken far more seriously.

    I do believe that the pro choice movement is gaining momentum in the United States. I feel that people are beginning to see the issue as not simply a religious issue, but as an issue of not only women's' rights, but as human rights. With the issue being far more publicly covered during the current election, I think people are beginning to develop a new understanding about the reasons and circumstances for abortion and form more educated opinions about the issue.

  • The country is becoming more progressive

    As we as a country grow more progressive, especially our younger generations, the pro-choice movement is gaining ground. People are starting to see that giving women the freedom to choose what to do with their own bodies is not such a bad thing. As we move forward, this momentum will continue, until it is a norm in our entire society.

  • No, not really.

    More people are pro choice than not, and that has been true for decades. If anything the opposite side is gaining a little more momentum, but after women started sharing their stories about late term abortions, which are heartbreaking that may be chainging again. People are swayed more by emotions than facts, so it is yet to be determined.

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