• The Downfall of Plasma Televisions

    If you wanted to buy an HDTV you had two choice, LED or Plasma. Both of them offered comparable picture quality, but LED was slightly better and much more expensive. This was the past though. Now, LED has overtaken Plasma televisions in being much cheaper to produce. LED televisions now both have a cheaper price tag, and higher quality picture. Plasma televisions will soon be obsolete.

  • Flatscreen televisions are the future

    Since the introduction of flat screen televisions, all others have faded into the distance. It makes sense, why have something big and bulky, when you can have something the same size, which performs the same functions, but is a lot thinner?! This makes the television lightweight, portable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Yes, plasma televisions are becoming obsolete.

    Yes, plasma televisions are becoming obsolete. Although the pictures produced by plasma televisions are superior to those on LCD sets, plasma televisions use more energy than LCD sets. They are also heavier, more prone to breakdown, and are not as thin as LCD models. Soon plasma televisions will be a thing of the past.

  • No, no more than everything is planned to be obsolete quickly.

    As one expert on electronics said on tv one day: if you have a tv that is working, you need to keep it and do not be swayed by the fact that there is always going to be a newer version coming out. This is part of the planned obsolesence of the industry.

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