• Yes, Plastic is horrible.

    It would help our environment & animals. We can use leather or metal for cars. Plastic is not just bad for the environment, Or animals it is also affecting us. Even though plastic is all around us doesn't mean it is good or fine for us. Plastic is horrible & that's my argument.

  • If you mind, Dow you want earth to be destroyed all because of our fault! ? !

    Eazy. . . . We can use alternatives and also if we keep on using plastic. . . . The whole earth would be destroyed and no life will be able to take place on earth. . . . Do anyone wants that! ? !
    Also we need to work with earth which will make our future. . Do you wants a (bright future)or an(apocolystic future)

  • No! Please! Think about it!

    You, Me and pretty much everyone (subjective), Depends on plastic, Now think about it this way.

    This ban has just been official now what? Cars Have a lot of plastic, Some engine components, Now that "isn't important" to some (so lets not transport anything while we find a alternative - and then put it into use)so lets step it up a notch, What about the plumbing? So lets say we stop making plastic pipes, Then what? Well the other alternatives would be a lot more expensive, But lets say we cover that. Again we step it up again! A laptop well. It was your laptop
    it has plastic. . . BAM! In the bin it goes. Oh wait - I have a plastic bin. Problem.
    But wait? Lets just say we have metal bins (probably more expensive but who cares? ) Ah see - That ol' van which used to take your rubbish is being fitted with new and improved (for the sake of it). Metal engine components! . . .

    And the list goes on. Sad to say but we all need plastic. As the point above (it is half the size, Yet double the quality) stated, Even our health care depends on plastic. We need it.

    Now I'm not saying plastic is good, It is horrible, It isn't bio-degradable our oceans are filling with it, But what is even worse would be us without it - not to say we should find another alternative to it - but this scenario illustrates how we need it - and to add i only had a few of the amount of plastic items we would have to throw away and replace.

    This is my just me 5 cent so feel free to contradict my point
    ScriptingNub out :D

  • Modern medicine cannot exist without plastics

    Without plastics, Diabetics would not have needles for injecting insulin nor blood sugar testing machines. Intravenous blood and saline bags would not exist. Eye glasses, Including frames and glass would weigh much more, And soft contact lenses would not exist. Catheters for clearing blood vessels and for urination would be nonexistent. There would be no hearing aids, And we would be relegated back to wooden prosthetic legs and metal claws for hands. We would not have items shipped in sterile wrapped packaging, Nor would your doctor be able to wear her disposable gloves when treating us. Much of our other medical equipment also relies on plastic as a part of their makeup.

    Our use of plastics in medicine is necessary without a viable replacement.

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