Playing games is fun only when you win. Do you agree or disagree?

Asked by: Andrew.T
  • Games are not about winning,it's about fun.

    Games are mean't to be played for the enjoyment and spending time with friends real life/online and considered they are not noobs,everything will be alright.Lossing is part of the experience because it teaches the team a lesson and what to do next time they play like Football(except it's less boring and doesn't suck)

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  • Well, does it really matter if you win?

    I can understand if you're trying super duper hard just to unlock like the coolest skin, I mean I've had my own rage moments. But, just because you won doesn't mean it was fun. Your opponent could be a absolute noob and you just dominate the player and win seemingly instantaneously. Leaving you feeling bored. I mean, why do you think there is the word troll in games? People troll to have fun, they don't care if they lose or win, they just want to get what they want done. I generally find like stupid people and super loud people online, but when I'm in the same team, I just can't stop laughing because they are extremely funny. Sometimes I would join them, may it be trolling or tryharding, just because that in itself is fun.

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