• Look at the sales records

    PS4 has beaten Xbox one handsdown in sales in a scale to 3:1 playstation has a much better rating, has more exclusives and all of the games producers are seeming to give ps4 exclusive content and games while ignoring xbox and nitendo. And lets face it, nitendo is dead now, dwarf part of the market compared to real consoles

  • Yes, Sony has won the console wars.

    In spite having big competition from Xbox and Nintendo, PS4 seems to be customers preferred console. It probably has a lot to do with a good price-quality ratio. Some think PS4 is boring compared with xbox and wii, but to me PS4 and Sony are not trying to invent something just to be there and new, but they have players in mind and they focus on providing powerful products at affordable price.

  • Really... Really... (facepalm)

    Okay, just because Sony has had its 20th anniversary does not mean they have one... I mean whoop-de-f*cking doo! It's a number for christ-sake! Also, do you still see people buying tons and tons of other games at game stop? YES! Are there still Xboxs being sold? YES! Nintendo has been around longer and they haven't won console wars? I mean they sell nearly the most best selling games! Like Super Smash bros, Sonic the hedgehog they own. So, im sorry to break it to you but they have not won, and probably no-one will.

  • Nintendo Is Still Number 1

    Sony is good. They always have been but Nintendo is still number 1. It's been around longer, they have more products and they are always improving them. New things are coming out of Nintendo on a regular basis. Mario is Nintendo's signature character and everyone loves him and he is in so many games that offer a lot more than Sony does.

  • PlayStation has not won the console wars

    While PlayStation has won the hearts of the world, there is still a question if the company has topped the market. There is no doubt the big strides of the company has brought the best of the gaming world to the people, the company has seemed to stall out in new products and innovations.

  • Sony won the first and second rounds but is hasnt done anything lately.

    The original Play Station competed with the Nintendo 64 and won handily. The second generation, the PS2 versus the Microsoft X-box went to the PS2 where the PS2 won again. The third generation went to the X-box 360, hands down. The current generation of consoles has yet to be determined. The PS4 is trying to compete with the X-box One.

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