Please give alternatives to detention as punishment that you've experienced that actually works.

  • They should know who is boss

    If a kid is behaving 'undesirably' as a reaction to their environment. Then the solution will be in finding a proper environment, where the kid feels more compliant in, not punishment. Punishment is a control-freaks wet dream and may turn kids rebellious to the perceived authority figure, that is teachers/parents/etc. And the kid might turn delinquent in behavior outside schools, and actually face 'detention' in prison in the future if they do not understand the necessity of composing yourself everywhere you go in life. 'the kid' facing detention should be 'educated' about the reason their behavior is undesired, blind punishment makes people feel their just victims of a system, and that produces rebelliousness bordering delinquency...

  • Alternatives to Detention

    Regulations around punishment of children have been so curtailed within schools that children seem to have more rights than the teacher. In the last question around detention more than 70% said detention is a waste of time...What are the alternatives? Teachers are on a two edged sword as whatever they some parent always has something negative to say.

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