Please use well-educated answers with good reasoning to answer: Should Americans be allowed to own guns?

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  • But within reason.

    While the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, it does not guarantee that this right comes without any restrictions, just as our right to vote does not come without restrictions. The US does need better licensing and registration standards, and the restriction of weapons to private citizens that have no other use than killing many targets quickly (like assault weaponry).

  • Constitutional rights, decreased crime, self defense, harmless

    There are many counterclaims to this topic, all of which I have found to be easily nullified. If you argue that you don't need 'assault rifles then how about the 9 sheriffs that attacked, and beat to death the unarmed Calafornian citizen: David Silva. Yes, by the way, I am saying someone should have killed all of the sheriffs before they killed an innocent civilian. If that is unconvincing, search up the Kent state university massacre.
    If you feel bad about school shootings keep in mind that schools are an easy target because guns are not allowed there.
    Guns, of all things, should be the least of peoples worries. Since most people for gun control are pro-abortion consider this: abortions have killed more babies than guns ever have.
    I see no good reason that guns should be banned, any type of them, any size, any kind.

  • Yes, because Americans deserve the right to protect themselves.

    I do not own a firearm and I have never shot one. I do not "like" guns and at this point do not feel the need to have one in my life. However, I am glad that if I were to decide one day that I needed or wanted one, that I'd have the right to own it.

    The right to own, keep, and bare arms is one of the constitutional rights on which this country was founded and it is no less relevant today than it was then. We have a right to protect ourselves from those who would do us harm. Those who commit crimes with firearms are criminals because they do not obey the law. Making firearms illegal would not hinder those who wish to commit crimes with guns from doing so, it would simply make regular law-abiding citizens even more vulnerable than they already are.

    In Mexico, citizens are not allowed to own guns. It doesn't seem to have helped them very much, considering that armed mafias are constantly terrorizing regular people and wreaking havoc on their whole society on a daily basis. I doubt that legalizing guns would work any better for us.

    People die in car accidents every day, why not outlaw cars? Alcohol causes thousands of deaths every year, why not go back to prohibition?

  • Yes, and gun reform is not efficient

    Blah blah blah constitution yea we know..........Now I am no right wing tin foil hat wearing GOP supporter, but the right to bear arms has been embedded, and will be embedded in the hearts and minds of Americans for many generations to come. Not only do many people use firearms to defend themselves (and to do harm to others lets not forgot), I think taking away a basic functionality of American society could very well plunge the US into a civil war. There is a lot of political squawking going around the political round table lately, but many of the left wing assumptions are based on myths. "Assault Rifles" do less than 3% of all aggravated firearm crime in the US, while pistols do the most at anywhere from 75%-80% (source FBI study). I don't think it is "American" of us to strip anyone of their basic right to defend themselves,. Not only that, there are many people who have become increasingly worried about Government overstepping their boundaries, and companies like Monsanto, violating their food supply. Many people use guns not only as a physical defender of their well being, but also a means in which they cannot be coerced by any power to do something against their will, only persuaded.

    Now I will say the government needs to do something about EDUCATION in the inner cities, because that's where most of the violent gun crime happens. Many US citizens are so poor, that they have to resort to violence as means of survival.

    Not that I support the militia, or anything of that nature, but I DO support the freedom to do whatever someone wishes to do, along certain boundaries of course, and if the government continues to strip away these things from their own citizens, then they will have a volatile reaction.

    PS Criminals get guns, because they are criminals....Its all part of the job description.

  • Original Intent with a modern perspective

    The Constitution originally puts the right to bear arms in the context of the right to form a militia. This right to form a militia was set in place as a insurance against tyranny so that the people might rise up if the government abuses its power. During the constitutional convention Americans viewed joining a militia on the same level as participating in a jury. This responsibility was important to Americans, Washington raised a militia to put down the Whiskey Rebellion instead of relying on a national army and militias were the backbone of the revolution. However, in today' s America one is much less likely to see guns being used as a way to insure liberty and protect one's community. Instead they serve as a poignant reminder of senseless violence that has taken place in America. Bearing this in mind the founders were correct to give the people a way of ensuring their liberty against a tyrannical regime, even if this privilege is more often abused than not.

  • Without a doubt and with minimal restriction

    Not only is the right to own firearms a enumerated right it is also good from a practical sense. Every person should be responsible for their own well-being and the well-being of defenseless innocents. The police cannot and should not be everywhere.

    There should be little in the way of restrictions on what types of firearms a person may own. A responsible gun owner with a M-16 is less of a threat to any person and society than a criminal thug with sharpened stick.

  • Terrible terrible thing

    Of course people should not have guns! The amount of American loonies that have guns is ridiculous and they are not harmless in any way. And I think that there is no way at all that any one should have any need at all to own one. So definitely people should not have them.

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