Plug-in hybrids: Are PHEV's central to national energy independence?

  • Coupled with Green Electrical Sources

    Plug in electrical vehicles, coupled with green energy sources like wind, solar and nuclear, are key to our national energy independence. Given 10-20 more years and the United States will export all of its oil to other countries (China, India) and our politics regarding the Middle East will no longer matter. Hydrogen fuel cells will also be a good thing for car buyers and consumers as new fuel stations rise up to meet demand of people who need to refuel with electricity.

  • PEV's are not essential to national energy independence

    Although Plug in Hybrids are a essential stepping stone in the direction of cleaner energy and releasing the hold that oil companies have over much of the car industry it is not something that will lead to energy independence. A more important step to such a goal would be lookling beyond the common lithium ion battery and create a more powerful lighter alternative.

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