pluralism: Are all religions essentially the same?

  • All Religions Essentially the Same

    Yes, all religions are essentially the same in that they preach the same values of forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, and spirituality. Though each religion focuses on and worships its own version of God, each also is similar in its teachings to the other religions in the world. Religions are very similar, essentially the same.

  • In that they seem to all ascribe to a higher power...?

    Even that isn't universally true. People can make arguments for religions being the same, but most of it is special pleading, and irrelevant in the face of the monumental, functional divisions between the faiths.

    You may as well say 'well, all foods are essentially the same'. Sure, they are all edible, they all have certain effects on the system, a balance of positives and negatives, but to say that a pear is essentially steak is to completely miss the point.

  • No they aren't

    Most religions have a big wild event, that there's no witnesses of because they died off, and 1 person has a "vision". Like christianity for example. Paul never knew jesus. But says he had a vision. He can't prove anything, but its deemed good enough, and becomes a religion.
    I call it the "break in the chain". The point in a religion were all faith depends on 1 or a small amount of people that their telling the truth. There's only 1 religion that doesn't have this break in the chain.
    Judaism. Were millions of people heard god and received the Torah. There's no choking point in this religion that would allow for it to be man made. Anyone can say that only 1 person had a vision. But how would you convince millions that they all saw god at the same time?

  • No, many religions are very different.

    If you take Christianity and Buddhism as two sample religions, you can see a large variety of differences in the two. Christianity follows the belief that Christians should follow Jesus and live like him in order to reach Heaven, as well as having faith in God. Buddhism is more of a philosophy, with an end goal of enlightenment. One religion is based around faith, and another is not. This is a large difference in itself- and there are plenty of other religions that could give similar evidence for my claim.

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