Pokemon Go is "prohibited" by Islam, according to the Egyptian religious body. Do you think the Muslim religion is intolerant of new ideas?

  • It certainly is.

    The Muslim religion is notorious for not being very open minded. They have a strict set of rules that prohibit a lot of their people from having fun and enjoying the basic needs of human desire. I can not imagine why Pokeman Go would be such an abhorrent thing for them but they have the right to condemn it.

  • Islam is definitely intolerant.

    As a whole, the Muslim religion is intolerant of new ideas or anything that they think is the least bit threatening. Let me be clear, this does not apply to all Muslims, but to many of the traditional leaders of the faith. They don't want their members to be dressed in today's fashions, listen to current music, or watch current TV shows.

  • Yes, most religions are.

    Most religions are, by nature, traditional and conservative. They believe that they already know everything about life and existence, so they don't attempt to uncover any new knowledge or develop and change in any way. Islam in many countries seems to be an extreme example of this. However, in more developed Muslim countries, Islam more closely resembles Christianity in the West.

  • Islam can be preety open

    The problem right now is that extremists and close-minded people are currently the main face of Islam. Through a little change of mentality religion shouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. As a muslim I personally see nothing wrong with "Pokemon GO"; Hell, I even play it myself. After all it's just a game where you catch virtual creatures. What would God have against that?

  • No, the Muslim religion can be tolerant of new ideas.

    No, the Muslim religion is not completely intolerant of new ideas. While the most strict followers of the religion may avoid the newest advancements, the religion has a broad spectrum of followers, and many of them are willing to accept new ideas. An assumption of intolerance can be made about the strictest followers of any religion.

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