Pokemon Go users urged to stay way from Fukushima disaster zone. Should certain areas be off limits to Pokemon Go players?

  • Certain areas should be off limits to everyone, not just Pokemon Go players.

    Certain areas should be off limits to all people. There are parts of this planet that are not safe and letting people go there because of a game is a ridiculous idea. Places like the Fukushima disaster zone should only be visited by scientists and researchers, no need for others to visit a disaster zone unnecessarily.

  • For safety an respect reasons, yes.

    As a Pokemon Go player and advocate, I also understand the need for restricting traffic in certain areas. Places such as graveyards, genocide museums, etc., tend to have a solemn atmosphere which should not be taken lightly. Personally, I love that Pokemon Go has taken me to new sites and places. I have learned a lot, been physically active, and have met new people. However, I would not want my game play to offend anyone.

  • Yes, they should.

    Pokemon Go maps need to be revamped some so that people are not put in danger or are encouraged to play in places that are not respectful of the owners or organizations there. Fukishima isn't the only example of this. The Holocaust Museam , Arilington national cemetery and other places around the world are great examples .

  • Pokemon Go users should be allowed to explore the Fukushima disaster zone.

    Landmarks around the world are visited by people on a regular basis. Pokemon Go is a great thing for these landmarks. More people are now taking the time to learn about and visit places they normally would not. They may be on their phones for a bit, but at this point in time, who isn't? If Pokemon Go users are denied access to the Fukushima disaster zone, then users of Instagram, Facebook, and the like should be denied as well.

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