Pokemon: Pokemon mega evolution should be removed?

Asked by: stackerz21
  • Pokemon is so dumb!

    Poemon is bad for my kids (Lucy and Rowei) because they are not focusing on school and instead on that stupid pokemon games! I know they are really smart but lately they have been getting notes home saying they have been trading pokemon cards during class and not listening to the lesson!! Pokemon shall be banned all together!

  • Pikachu Digivolve to...

    Mega Evolution is a nice idea handled badly; instead of making Mega Evolutions a result of a held item, they should have made it the result of selected breeding and leveling to lv100. Make it something you have to earn not something you'te just hiven. Also drop all the legendary mega evolutions; mega evolving should be about turning a normal pokemon into a legendary!

  • Because i play genration three

    Bo it is not fun with mega elvetion, do the orginal gaha agabahaaha au ia aiy ait ua uat uat augauytauyta uta uat uat uat uat aut aut auta aa a a aa a a aa a a a a a a a a a a auta uta uat uta uat ua

  • Don't mind it too much

    My main issue comes with the design. What makes a design a Mega Evolution over a regular evolution. Personally I always hoped that each Pokemon (With the exception of Legendaries) would get three stages, through the addition of prevolutions and evolutions but now that seems to be out the window. I wouldn't mind Mega Evolutions so much if they were only used on those Pokemon with three stages or are legendary. So why not give Mawile a regular evolution, same for Audino.

  • It's morally wrong

    Besides the obvious unfair nature of having to use mega evolving pokemon to now stay competitive, only certain pokemon get them, which takes away from the value of all pokemon who do not mega evolve. Furthermore, it goes against everything pokemon evolutions have ever stood for; the final and unchangeable nature of evolution, and the belief, that, with the right strategy and training, every pokemon has a shot at victory. The mega evolutions themselves are terribly warped, and hideously over designed versions of the pokemon from which they spawn; these temporary "transformations" have no place in the world of pokemon! Cheap hype and lazy strategy! Disgusting!!!

  • Making the OP more OP

    Taking Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Lucario, Rayquaza, Garchomp, Charizard, Altaria, Gardevoir, among others and giving them an unnecessary boost to all their stats as well as giving them the crippling ability to destroy just about any structured non-mega team is just absolutely game breaking. If they are to keep Mega Evolution, give it to Pokemon who are outmatched and actually need an Evolution to keep up with OU and Uber pokemon. Many, many pokemon are underpowered compared to the select few who are overpowered and then it's the ones with some of the highest base stats in the game that are given Mega Evolutions??? Logic????

  • Partial and Unnecessary

    I believe these are totally unnecessary - either give another Evolution (imagining opening up the whole franchise to a "stage 4" evolution level!) or just not bother. All it means is some annoying extra that becomes over-dominant and OP for battles, and all us collectors only get to see some incredible artwork/appearance during battles. Would much prefer it to be permanent both for battling and collecting.

  • We the fans

    If you're a Pokemon fan you can overcome all challenges.
    By doing this we gain strength, fun, and a step towards becoming the very best trainer. By using mega evolution we gain none of these.
    It is cruel to let this generation or any other not feel the joy of
    victory after anger and sorrow have washed over them.
    Mega evolution leaves us with nothing but time and boredom.
    If we band together we shall become the Elite million
    defending the minds of the generation of trainers.No... MASTERS!

  • And I thought Arceus was unbalanced...

    Mega evolution increases a Pokemon's base stats by around 100. The best and most favored Pokemon are given them only, and they are already powerful. Mega evolving itself throws off competitive game play, and it's near-impossible to win against them without using one yourself. The mega evolved Pokemon themselves are unbalanced, as some are clearly better than others. And less than 10% of all the Pokemon so far have access to this stat hack. How is that fair?

  • It is a complete rip-off from Digimon

    I've been playing since day 1 on Pokemon Blue on the GameBoy WITHOUT color. I'm a part of the original 151 and mega evolution to me is just a rip off from my other favorite game series Digimon. Pokemom was GOOD the was it always has been. Mega evolution not only ruins the experience for me, but further increases the frustratios of online battles which are already broken since you could almost never use your most cherished and favorite Pokemon like for instance Golduck for me since his stats are weak and haven't improved as of XY gen. I wish they would've made mega evolution as a 6th gen only and make it something unique for just that gen and anime.

  • No way because mega evolution. Simply outstanding!

    Mega evolutions fans are enjoying the new addition. As it adds powers, abilities, changes types (Charizard with x mega stone becomes a dragon), and fun to battle. Players get around just fine facing them whether they have megas on hand or not. They are a joy to battle. It's like Pokemon were granted Super Sayian powers. A lot of shows have that DBZ, Naruto, Bleach and now Pokemon.

  • Its super cool

    I like mega evolution and it makes me feel happy to say to keep it and it makes people happy to see Pokemon evolve into cooler funner stronger and probably better personality that makes Pokemon fun if you see this I'm glad you said no to taking away mega evaluation

  • New Mega Evolution Pokémon Ideas.

    Mega Cacturne
    Mega Walrein
    Mega Exploud
    Mega Laparis
    Mega Zoroark
    Mega Luxray
    Mega Tropius
    Mega Milotic
    Mega Cofagrigus
    Mega Dragonite
    Mega Maractus
    Mega Leavanny
    Mega Kricketune
    Mega Chatot
    Mega Dodrio
    Mega Zangoose
    Mega Seviper
    Mega Kingler
    Mega Crawdaunt
    Mega Kecleon
    Mega Chimecho
    Mega Butterfree

    Mega Mewtwo Z
    Mega Charizard Z

  • They are amazing

    Opened up so many possibilities. Thanks for ruining it haters. With the existence of multiple mega stones for one pokemon, it opened up new typings for different situations, single biggest game chnger ever and you've ruined it that much that now we only get it at end game. Not sure if i can swear on this, but you get the point

  • Megas are not being removed period

    I don't think game freak is that stupid to just up and remove megas like that and plus mega evolution hasn't been out that long. However i do think that megas are region exclusive items in kalos just like special apricorn balls are exclusive to johto and pokeblocks for hoenn and besides game freak knows what there doing.

  • They add more content

    Mega evolutions are another way to keep the games alive,it gives us something to look forward to with each new title,always anticipating which of our favorite pokemon will get a mega evolution,plus,it constantly brings new ways to play competitively,making many more pokemon alot more viable than they were before,even if some are considered "overpowered",there are still many ways to strategize around them,basically,if you're good enough,you'll learn how to manage against a mega.

  • It's almost like an Unlockable feature

    Except for a few Pokemon that have no evolutionary line, you can't even use Mega-Evolution until your Pokemon has reached its third and final evolutionary state. The people who say it makes he game too easy, clearly don't understand that it takes time
    In order for you to even get to Mega Evolution and of course you can just choose NOT to use it battle

  • It's just a new mechanic

    Mega evolutions are just some new mechanics, just like double battles or the physical/special split. In other words, they change drastically the way Pokémon is played and that creates the necessity of having to find out newer combinations that fit with these new mechanics. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that mega evolutions should be kept in the Pokémon franchise, as they were able to bring a different concept to a long lasting and successful franchise.

  • No no no

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  • Pointless and altogether just plain annoying.

    In my opinion, I feel like Mega Evolution has completely ruined pokemon (and my whole childhood for that matter). It's not neccessary or needed, all the designs are crappy and they make the game WAY too easy. (Same with the newer Exp.Share) It really frustrates me because I can't enjoy pokemon the same anymore. It's all been sullied by this 'oh so amazing' Mega Evolution. Shame on the person who thought of the whole idea of Mega Evolution. I will argue till the end of the earth to get my point across to all you 10 year old noobs who actually like this idea because its easy (and stupid) and not even a challenge.

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