• Police are in many ways the guys who keep the USA as safe and free as it is

    Without the police, We'd gradually get more crime, Mass murder and rapists. Not to mention that ICE is basically the police of the border. Without them, We'd be overrun by today's immigrants/ tomorrow's Democrats. Sure, There are some crab apples like Amber Guyger, But overall, They're good men and women. We need them.

  • Police are not only good, They're amazing

    The vast majority (like 99. 99%) of police are exactly what you want and expect from a police officer. Only a miniscule fraction do not make the grade. There are over 700, 000 police officers in the U. S. If just 0. 01% make the tragic mistake of killing an unarmed civilian or behaving less than professionally, That would result in more than one new headline/news story per week. Yet the media never focusses on the 99. 99% that do one of the most stressful jobs imaginable in a way that's not considered "wrong" by armchair police chiefs. They look at the one new headline/news story per week and equate that to systematic racism in police. It's just not true - respect the police, And they'll respect you. Don't commit crimes if you don't want to interact with police in bad circumstances.

  • Without them we would be in constant danger

    Some police may be corrupt but the idea of a police force is pure. We need one to even start to have a safe environment. We only see the bad stuff on TV but there are a lot of good police officers out there. Without a police force we would be in a state of anarchy.

  • They Really Help The Community

    They really help people and I’ll admit it, Not ll are good, But those ones are the ones most likely to be on the news. They help people and army racist, They try everything in order to keep people safe. Change my mind about this or I’ll change your.


  • Yes they are

    Yes I think that police are good because without the police we would be in a lot of crime okay and yes they should have to have the police ok and they should have to allow the police because without the police there would be a lot of crimes gotten away with

  • 40% of cop families experience domestic violence.

    Hundreds of cops are in Facebook extremist groups. Police use-of-force is the sixth leading cause of death of young black men. 100 in 100k black men and boys will be killed by cops while only 39 in 100k white men and boys will be killed by cops in their lifetime. Cops contribute to a racist criminal justice system. Yes, EVERY cop is affected by this, Because if they really cared about protecting us, They wouldn't be cops. They wouldn't actively support a racist and broken system.

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