Police arrest 'IS' suspects in Germany: Is racial profiling becoming a worldwide epidemic?

  • Yes, racial profiling has run rampant.

    Following the attacks on the World Trade Center, the United States of America entered a state of paranoia. Racial profiling was the key phrase of the Bush era. As terrorist attacks continue around the world, the state of paranoia has become contagious. People can be detained without plausible cause, merely due to genetics.

  • It may not be an epidemic, but it's certainly a problem.

    Racial profiling is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. In the current state of the world, it will be difficult to stop racial profiling against Arabs and others from the Middle East. many people live in constant fear of terrorist attacks, despite how rare they actually are. It is unfair for anyone who looks like they may be from the Middle East (and therefore, possibly Muslim) to have to deal with this type of profiling.

  • My generation does not know a world without widespread fear

    I am a member of gen z, those born between 1995 and today. I cannot even remember the towers going down (although I was alive at that time). Throughout my entire childhood there has been terrorist issues, whether it is from islamic state (or IS, ISIL or whatever its supposed to be called now), Al Qaeda, Boko Haram or the lenant, Issues have arisen. It may be easy for older people to shrug this off, But I do not Know a different world. Especially as gen z has to fix all the boomers issues. Thanks boomers

  • Racial profiling: a solution to a difficult problem

    To say that racial profiling is becoming an epidemic is to imply that it is a disease. There's nothing wrong with profiling of any kind. Everyone profiles on a daily basis, and it simplifies our work. In regards to "racial" profiling specifically: It doesn't make sense to claim that everyone should be an equal suspect regardless of their race, especially when race is a huge indicator of who to suspect.

  • No, the arrest of suspected members of ISIS in Germany is not necessarily a matter of racial profiling.

    No, police arresting suspected members of the "Islamist State" (or ISIS) is not a sign that racial profiling is becoming a worldwide epidemic. While racial profiling has long been a problem in the US and to a lesser but not insignificant extent in Western Europe, Germany's actions in response to violent extremism within their borders, is not necessarily racial profiling. As long as race or ethnicity is not the primary reason for the investigation into and detainment of suspect, there is little to no basis for an accusation of racial profiling.

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