• All Lives matter in this country

    Police brutality against any individuals or minorities is unacceptable. It doesn't matter what race or creed you are. Native American history in this country has a long history of injustice and I don't think that any violence against them would be extremely cruel particularly Police. The Police must be more in line of protecting and serving and use violence as a last resort and only if provoked.

  • Police brutality is police brutality

    Police brutality and excessive force is never okay regardless of the color of the officer or the victim. However, the proportion to which people of color/minorities are abused by police compared to white people (particularly white men) cannot be ignored. White people should just be standby allies who speak for those when they cannot.

  • Yes, all lives matter.

    Yes, all lives matter. There is a plethora of news stories about police brutality, but we must remember that these people are being trained to protect, not harm us. I am not saying that any of the police brutality is either right or wrong, but it cannot be because any group of persons are less important or do not matter. The police are afraid for their lives in these situations as well. We must refrain from categorizing all police as brutal.

  • All lives matter.

    I strongly believe that all lives matter. No matter the color of your skin, you should not be mistreated by the police. Native Americans should have the same rights as everyone else and not have to deal with police brutality. Fair treatment should not be determined by what you look like.

  • To a degree.

    Yeah, obviously everyone's life "matters," except for criminals'. When you break the law, resist arrest, show a blatant disrespect and disregard for human safety and well-being, I couldn't really care less if you get hurt a bit by someone put on the streets to keep decent people safe.

    MitchV sums it up pretty well...

    And may I add, when a white guy is beaten by police, it's simply police brutality. When a person of color is, it's all of a sudden racism. Grow up and quit finding reasons to be victims. Criminals being beaten isn't a horrible thing.

  • Criminals matter less.

    -When someone commits a crime, it demonstrates that they have no respect for other people so to return this disrespect is acceptable.
    -Police brutality is wrong but that is only because it is defined that way. Police brutality is when a police officer uses excessive or too much force when interacting with the public but how much is too much is dependent on the individual. In the case of the officer in the video, Clearly the officer could not just leave this overly intoxicated man just laying in the street but she was able to get him in her squad car alone. Seeing that his blood alcohol was over 0.3, his condition could be life threatening so there was a sense of urgency. With nobody helping her, the only choice she had at the time was to wake the man so he could be of at least some assistance to his own mobility. Looks to me like tasing him worked a little to help wake him up that would be essential in getting him to his feet and getting him into the squad car. This is why I don't see it as brutality but the best option the officer had at the time. The video cut off when other people came over so I don't know if they helped the officer or not, but often times, police refuse help because it could risk pose a risk to the officer, the person they are taking into custody, or the individuals who are trying to help.
    -Far too often, people play the race card. Just because an officer may be white and the suspect is not, does not mean that the arrest is race related. A simple fact is that in many parts of the country, the majority of officers are white, even in places where white people are the minority. Because of this fact, the majority of arrests will be of a white officer arresting someone who is not. Problem is, non-white people are less likely to choose this career path. Granted, I don't really blame them. Nobody like to be the guy who spoils all the fun, but someone has to do it and that someone tends to be a white person.
    -I am not saying that racism does not exist or that some police are not guilty of it but we can't assume that just because the officer is white and the suspect is not that the arrest, or whatever incident, is racially motivated.
    -When police make an arrest, it usually means they are accused of doing something wrong. Many times while an arrest is being attempted, the person does other things wrong like resist. When someone acts like a criminal, they deserve to be treated as one no matter what color they are.
    Getting close to the limit so I will end it here, for now.

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