• Yes, there is a real solution.

    Yes, there is a real solution to police brutality and it starts with the police themselves. They must learn to respect everyone. Once they prove that they care about their communities, the communities will care about them. They must not show any sort of prejudice to one group or another.

  • The solutions lies in the mind of society.

    There will always be that one police officer that is brutal. But to end police brutality as something thats an common and reoccurring issue? A lot of the police brutality cases are black vs. White. So maybe, if society stopped seeing color, and saw everyone as equal as their neighbor. Then maybe, just maybe, the brutality will reduce, leading to more reductions by other officers when they start to see change. But it as our job as citizens to make that change happen. So yes, there is a solution. But whether we act on it and make it happen, lies in our hands.

  • End the war on drugs

    Focus on treatment and education about different substances and there effects, like portrugal... Who I'm sure America we'll declare war on next;)
    Police,lawyers,judges and anybody else involved with cjs relies on the illicit drug market being illegal to fuel crime and POLICE violence both domestic and abroad. This is fact.
    Mostly extorting otherwise tax paying, law abiding citizens into felonies overnight for a unconstitutional victimless crime. Using a substance on themselves of there own free will. Authorities have no reason to pick off the sheep (in this war) without the controversy of how to deal with drug addiction... Remove the controversy and the corrupt cjs and hire some damn doctors and therapists to deal with sick people...Smh blind m@therFckrs

  • This is not a question of yes or no.

    Don't tell me you are asking if we support brutality or not? Brutality is a crime. Does this have something to do with all this unrest lately... Those so-called police 'murders'? If so, then I do have an opinion on that. Does anybody really think that any of those cops got up that morning and when asked by his wife, "What are you going to do today?" said, "I'm going to go kill some black men!" and his wife said, "Okay, have a nice day honey." Do you really think they set out to murder people????

  • Yes there is a solution

    Our police officers face the daily stress of dealing with society. They have the responsibility to uphold the law, serve and protect. But here's the deal. The police are undertrained. On average police train for 6 months, and that's not enough for the intensive situations they will face. Also given the type of training they receive, it doesn't appear to be benefitting them or citizens.

    We need to train our officers to de-escalate situations, use military protocol for use of a firearm, better positioning protocol when handling a potential threat, have tougher code of ethics that require behavioral observation to ensure we have good officers, and encourage more community policing, that requires officers to engage and connect with their post, to build trust.

    This will improve the odds of officers not conforming to police brutality

  • The best solution to stop police brutality is increased accountability.

    Police brutality is a serious problem in this country because police officers are not under enough scrutiny, nor do they face enough accountability for their actions. Implementing stricter disciplinary policies is a good first step, but there needs to be a way to track and monitor police actions that cannot be tampered with or manipulated. Mounted cameras on police officers is the best way to increase accountability.

  • Not sure the question, but I have an answer.

    The solution to police brutality is to stop making it about race. As long as it is about race, there will not be solutions that focus on the actual problem, police brutality. The problem is not systemic racism in the police force any more that systemic sexism in the courts. The problem is police training and a lack of deescalation training. This was the only sensible thing Hillary said in the debate last night. We need to focus on police brutality, no acclaimed racism.

  • No, police brutality is the exception, not the rule.

    While police brutality does exist, it is not the rule in every case. It could be wondered how many incidences of brutality could have been prevented by obtaining proper trauma counseling for law enforcement officers. Many law enforcement officers would probably feel more confident in a crisis by learning more about crisis management techniques.

  • Violence does not help.

    The real solution to police brutality is not to immediately charge any law enforcement officer who uses force. It is must better to educate the public on when law enforcement officers can use force, and then work to encourage community relationships with police and the public. There is no easy solution.

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