Police charged in Castile shooting: Are police officers out of control?

  • Yes, police officers need more accountability and overall consequences.

    While saying that police officers are "out of control" might sound a bit harsh, it's really not. The spike of questionable lethal police shootings over the past couple of years is unarguably out of control. It doesn't happen in other countries, and in our country happens all too often. These shootings also appear to be racially biased. How many white citizens are being accidentally gunned down by police officers? I'm not saying the police officers are purposely trying to kill black citizens, but clearly they're not taking every precaution available before resorting to lethal force and aren't being fully penalized for their mistakes.

  • Yes, police officers are using excessive force for minor infractions.

    Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner are names we remember because these black men died as a result of police offers (or, in Trayvon's case, a neighborhood watch man) using excessive force. Philando Castile is the latest example of a young black man dying from an interaction with the police. Castile was pulled over as part of a traffic stop, yet the police in Falcon Heights, MN racially profiled him as a potential suspect in a recent robbery. Castile was licensed to carry a gun, and the police reacted to this information by shooting him while he reached for his license and registration. While the officer who shot him was a Mexican American, this officer, Yanez, is part of a system, borne out of institutional racism, that routinely profiles young black men as criminals rather than understanding them as human beings.

  • Imagine if i said the same about Muslims or Blacks

    "Muslim charged for killing 49 people at a gay bar, are muslims out of control" would trigger all the leftist, while this doesnt? This question is just too retarded. One person cant represent a whole system. Why cant you liberals understand this simple fact. I call policeophobia. BLUE LIVES MATTER! Fuck the criminal scum

  • No, the police should not be represented by the actions of one officer (or even a handful)

    Police officers, as a whole, are not out of control. A few very bad apples should not reflect poorly on all police --- the men and women who signed on to protect and serve the community. However, there are many lessons to be learned by veteran and rookie officers, and even the public at large. Unfortunately, these lessons are coming to light after citizens lost their lives.

  • No, police officers are not out of control.

    No, the absolute majority of police officers are perfectly sane, decent people trying to uphold the law. Undoubtedly, there are pockets of corruption, racism and bigotry to be found, just as in any other profession. But all officers can't be held responsible for a few bad apples any more than all surgeons can be held responsible for one of them having a drinking problem and accidentally killing a patient. Blame must be isolated where it belongs.

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