Police Killings in the Philippines: Has President Duerte crossed a line?

  • Yes, President Duerte crossed a line.

    Police are there to protect the citizens with the minimal amount of force necessary. There is no reason for so many police shootings. Police should not be killing citizens and using deadly force unless there is absolutely no other solution. Violence breeds violence. Peace keeping efforts and increase communication go a long way.

  • Innocent people are being killed

    Duerte thinks he can tell citizens to appoint themselves judge, jury, and executioner and then they will only ever use that against actual drug dealers. But there have been reports that people who had nothing to do with drugs have been killed.

    He thinks that or he doesn't care, he just wants the power that comes from being a demagogue.

    I'd understand it if he advocated for vigilante arrest instead of vigilante murder, and then advocated that the citizens then turn the suspect over to the police. I'm not saying I would've agreed with that but it would've made more sense, you would've given the person their day in court and so protected innocent people from being executed or otherwise punished.

  • Endorsing or issuing a death sentence without due legal process is an abuse of political power.

    Governments and politicians should not have the power to condemn or condone a death sentence without legal oversight. Being able to target any one group of people without checks, oversight or any sort of legal process can allow both institutions and politicians the means to exterminate their political opposition. Rule of law is required to protect citizens from the harsh or unjustified punishments that may be issued by their government or those who hold political power.

  • He's losing consent of the people.

    President Duerte needs to be careful because he is losing the support of his people with the police killings. Duerte's power is tenuous at best. The Philippines has not been without its challenges in the past decades. He cannot afford to have public uprisings with controversial events such as the recent police killings. He needs to work on maintaining the confidence of his people.

  • No, President Duerte has not crossed a line

    No, President Duerte has not crossed a line even though there is a surge in the killing of criminal suspects by the police in the Philippines. It seems as though there is a surge of police killings in many parts of the world. Whether the actual numbers have changed or more attention is being brought to it is unknown.

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