Police name Ahmad Khan Rahami as the New York bomb suspect. Will police catch him?

  • Yes, police will catch the New York Bomb suspect.

    Yes, police will catch the New York Bomb suspect. They've been able to quickly find out the suspect's identity using video surveillance, collecting evidence from the unexploded devices and eye witnesses. Working with the FBI, NYPD, Homeland Security, Elizabeth, NJ law enforcement and other law enforcement agencies, they will track this guy down just like they tracked down the Boston Marathon bombers.

  • Ahmad Khan Rahami will be caught

    Ahmad Khan Rahami will be caught by law enforcement. He was quickly identified, and there is a massive manhunt going on. This is being down by both New York and New Jersey law enforcement personnel, as well as federal officials. There is increased technology to assist in the search, including GPS.

  • They will catch him

    There is no proof yet that he is the correct person, but the NYC police will catch Ahmad Khan Rahami unless he has already left the country. The technology the police have is better than ever, and between local and federal police they will scan every camera they can find, and put out alerts at bus and train stations along with the airports.

  • No, police will not catch him.

    No, I don't think so. They place a Muslim name on the list of suspects. This fuels the Americans more, "So we have been right all along. All these Muslims and their Islam religion...they always plan to attack us because of their bitterness." In reality, whether Rahami is really the culprit behind the Chelsea Bombing, we don't know.

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