• Yes, more gun control is necessary

    Gun violence is an epidemic that only gets worse when more people have guns. Laws should be passed that require background checks on anyone buying a gun from any seller, including gun shows and internet vendors. There should also be more mental health screening and checks when people buy guns, and not all guns should be able to be purchased by civilians.

  • Yes, it is.

    Guns should be banned. The constitution needs to be changed. In fact all weapons using explosive materials should be banned. Explosives should only be used for what they were created for, to create colorful displays that the masses can enjoy. The only other use of explosives should be for safety purposes.

  • Clearly it is...

    There are numerous studies done to support the fact that more gun control equals more public safety. There is not a single (proven) benefit to having no gun control. Take Canada and U.S. for example. In Canada, we have fairly controlled gun laws, unlike the U.S., which has very relaxed gun laws. In 2014, the U.S. had ten times more mass shootings per capita than Canada did. Take Australia, after Port Arthur, the Australian government tighten gun laws, this led to an extreme drop in the amount of shootings. Also, for anybody saying that only "lunatics will have guns" are lying. A lot of guns used in mass shootings are fairly cheap in the U.S., but when you use gun control, the prices of those guns on the black market go up extremely. This means that if some low life were to start a mass shooting, and use a gun that he could purchase easily with loose gun, he would have to pay a lot of more money to get that gun. So the chances of him doing a mass shooting drop significantly.

  • Gun control is NOT the answer

    The guns are not the problem because they are objects that cannot think for themselves. PEOPLE are the problems. Gun control will just make the innocent have less guns. Because then, all the criminals will just use the black market to get guns. It even has been proven in a Harvard study that gun control increases crime rate and not the opposite. So guns control is not the answer, and never will be the answer to any shooting/murder

  • No more laws are needed, they need to be more strictly enforced.

    There is no way to legislate gun control, other than to ban them entirely and even that will not solve the problem. We need to prosecute those who violate gun laws much more harshly and make them more difficult for criminals to obtain. They will still be able to get their hands on guns however and innocent people will ultimately be victimized by lunatics who have gotten a gun, so we just have to work on ensuring that people who seem to be falling off the fringe of society get attention and encouragement to return.

  • People, not gun control, are the problem

    I am not a gun owner, nor am I a gun rights advocate. It's clear, however, that the discourse in this country needs to change from "why do we cause so much GUN violence?" to "why do WE CAUSE so much gun violence?" People are seemingly more willing than at any other point in recent years to pull a trigger. Why is this? We need to address our society and our culture and subcultures first and foremost to understand why gun violence is happening, rather than pointing the finger at the instrument. Gun control only helps so much.

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