• Yes, they are .

    The latest shooting, which involved a black man who was having a siezure. This is uncalled for. There is no doubt that he would not have been shot if he was not a black man or other minority. They acted out of racism and this is clearly an epidemic in our country.

  • Yes, police are rushing to judgement in shooting incidents.

    Yes, police are rushing to judgement in shooting incidents, which is why we have so many tragedies on our hands. A black man has a legal right to carry a gun if he has a permit. Too many police officers see a black man with a gun and think that they will be shot.

  • Yes, I think so.

    There is also the background statistics that are driving individual police behaviors. The rate of criminal conduct by blacks is higher than that for whites, especially in the area of homicides. And with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, there is an organized resentment against police that is race-based, leading to higher levels of hostility toward white police officers, especially those making arrests of young black males.

    None of this is lost on the cops who face these realities every day. The police are intuitive Bayesians, as it were, meaning they believe that the crime statistics give some indication of potential danger in their confrontations with citizens. So white police officers are more likely to regard interactions with black people as involving relatively higher risks of injury.

  • Rushing to judgement: Why this is NOT what police are doing

    With all of the rioting and media coverage of recent police shootings, there have also been many distorted facts being reported. There has definitely been some rushing to judgement, but not from the police. In most of these cases, police are the ones asking the public to please wait for all of the facts to come to light before rioting and protesting. Unfortunately, many people, including the infamous BLM movement, do the exact opposite. Rioting over the injustice of an innocent man that was simply reading his bible, holding a book, being shot by police only makes them look foolish and criminal when the actual truth and facts come out - that this man was one with a lengthy and violent criminal past, who was not carrying a book, but a gun as police said from the beginning, and that the gun was a stolen gun. All of this in addition to disobeying lawful orders from trained and sworn police officers. We, as the American people, need to take a hard look around us and ask what we can do to unite our communities and support our law enforcement. Rushing to judgement? Protesters, rioters, and criminals use that rush to judgement to try to justify their criminal, disgusting behavior - NOT the police.

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